” Hong Jin Young and Outsider take 1st on ‘Immortal Song 2’ “

Hong Jin Young and rapper Outsider took 1st on August 17th’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘. 

The latest episode featured a special of Korea’s old-school divas, Jang Mi Hwa and Lim Hee Sook. Hong Jin Young commented confidently before their performance, “I’ve danced the most I’ve ever danced in my entire life while practicing for this performance. It made me think that it’s possible for us to win.”

Her confidence wasn’t for nothing as their modern disco version of Lim Hee Sook’s “Hello” got her and Outsider the final win on the episode. 

The legendary singers commented, “You two really tried hard today. It was a performance that melded the ’70s and the present together. You did very well. You’re very pretty too.”


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