” KBS Music Bank 08.30.13 – Crayon Pop Wins with “Bar Bar Bar” “

KBS Music Bank 08.30.13 - Crayon Pop Wins with "Bar Bar Bar"

The winner of K-chart this week was Crayon Pop with “Bar Bar Bar,” beating EXO’s “Growl.” Congratulations Crayon Pop! While took a few months for the song to reach the top, they have becoming this year’s breakout hit. Coming from a non major company, it’s great to see them succeed as major underdogs in the industry.

This week was the exciting comeback stage of handsome Teen Top with “Teen Top Class”, “Don’t I” and the cool “Rocking”. Also today featured Spica with the cute song “Tonight.”

Other exciting performances today were by ZE:A, Sunmi, Seungri, Big Star, f(x), Wassup, B.A.P, NC.A, M.I.B, Tasty, 2NE1, Say Yes, Henry, AA and many more.

Next week will feature comeback performances by KARA, Navi, Ladies Code and BTOB!

Enjoy the performances below. Congratulations once again to Crayon Pop!

Crayon Pop Winning K-Chart + Encore

Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar”

Teen Top – “Rocking”

Teen Top – “Teen Top Class” + “Don’t I”

Spica – “Tonight”

ZE:A – “Ghost Of Wind”

Sunmi – “24 Hours”

Big Star – “Run N Run”

Seungri – “Gotta Talk To You”

f(x) – “Rum Pum Pum Pum”

Wassup – “Wassup”

Tasty – “Mamama”

K-Hunter – “Marry Me”

B.A.P – “Badman”

M.I.B – “Men In Black”

2NE1 – “Do You Love Me”

Henry (feat. Amber) – “1-3-4 (I Love You)”


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” Sunmi Reveals Behind-the-Scenes of “24 Hours” MV “

Former Wonder Girls member Sunmi has released a behind-the-scenes clip to the making of her solo debut music video “24 Hours.”

Despite being away from the music scene for more than three years, Sunmi still maintains a star quality on the set. Her professionalism is evident in the flawless way she worked the camera.

Previously, it was revealed that Sunmi’s new solo single debut was a success, as she had reached the number one spot on Melon, Mnet, Olleh, Sorbada, Bugs, Daum, Cyworld, Naver, and others within 24 hours of her digital single release.

Check out the BTS of her “24 Hours” music video below !

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” Korea’s LED Industry Part I – LED Ad Panels and Electronic Displays “

Korea's LED Industry Part I - LED Ad Panels and Electronic Displays

A Bright New World of Lights

In this three-part blog about Korean LED companies and their products we will first take a look at the basics of LEDs and some manufacturers of LED advertising panels and electronic displays. In Part II we will introduce some of Korea’s leading LED lighting producers, and in Part III we will finish up with a look at in LED solutions and lighting for public spaces.

An introduction to LEDs

On the corner of 45th Street and 7th Avenue five-story-high LED billboards advertising LG Electronics and promoting the city of Seoul shine bright above the crowds of tourists and locals thronging Times Square.

A landmark sight in New York City, the vast and vibrant advertising displays of Times Square are not only magnificent to behold but are also eco-friendly, using high-efficiency photovoltaic modules that reduce power consumption by 15%. All this is made possible thanks to their cutting-edge LED technology.

Korea's LED Industry Part I - LED Ad Panels and Electronic Displays

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, use semiconductors to transform electric energy into light energy and can be mass-produced using the same manufacturing process as semiconductors. They are able to project multiple colors using different kinds of semiconductors that emit light at different wavelengths.

Considered the light source of the future, LEDs are used for many purposes due to their many advantages. In this first part of our look at Korean LED companies, we will introduce some of the leading producers of LED advertising panels and electronic displays.

1. Techsign Light Panel

Founded in 2002, Techsign Light Panel is a Korean SME specialized in LED panels and lighting. The company develops Glareless Lighting that minimizes eye fatigue as well as other high value-added LED products that reduce power consumption by up to 50%.

Through its differentiated products and continuous research and investment, Techsign Light Panel has established itself as a leader in its field.

Korea's LED Industry Part I - LED Ad Panels and Electronic Displays

The LED Outdoor Light Panel allows images to be changed quickly and easily by opening the hinged front cover. Its LED bulbs have a life-cycle six times longer than ordinary bulbs, making energy efficiency a reality.

For security, the panel is equipped with an anti-theft device, while its mercury-free bulbs provide the optimum light source for illuminating advertisements.

Korea's LED Industry Part I - LED Ad Panels and Electronic Displays

The LED Light Panel Sign (pictured above) is designed for use in covered public places such as subways and buildings and can display changing images for maximum practicality.

Featuring LEDs on one side only for energy efficiency, the panel’s low maintenance costs also contribute to its high efficiency.

At less than 3 inches thick, the panel is easy to install in a wide variety of locations and ceiling types.

As SME with strong foundations, Techsign Light Panel’s continuous product development and research are helping it to pioneer global markets and making it one to watch both at home and abroad.

 2. Comtel Sign

Comtel Sign was founded in 1998 and specializes in developing LED electronic displays. Over the past decade the company’s accumulated expertise, LED display technology and product solutions have propelled it to the forefront of the industry.

Korea's LED Industry Part I - LED Ad Panels and Electronic Displays

 Comtel Sign Environmental Pollution LED Displays

Comtel Signs’ LED displays are used for a variety of purposes and in numerous locations. The LED displays in the images above are used to display air pollution levels and can broadcast public announcements.

Korea's LED Industry Part I - LED Ad Panels and Electronic Displays

Installed in busy public spaces and thoroughfares, LED outdoor displays provide an effective method of delivering visual content such as video, real-time TV broadcasts, news and advertisements. The panels’ colors remain clear and sharp when viewed from any angle and even in direct sunlight.

Already the leader by market share among Korean SMEs in the LED display industry, Comtel Sign is aiming to expand its current exports to global market including the U.S.A. and Japan through continued product and technology development.

That brings to an end our first look at the Korean LED display industry, from the basics of LEDs to some of the leading producers of LED advertising panels and displays. In the next article we will introduce some Koreans SME in the LED lighting industry.


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” EXO cover the ’80s on ‘Immortal Song 2’ “

EXO went back to the ’80s on the August 31 installment of ‘Immortal Song 2’.

The boys covered “Still A Dark Night” on the Jun Young Rok special of the show, melding the past hit with their “Growl” style.

Rainbow’s Jaekyung, who was watching from the waiting room, commented, “It’s a performance bursting with passion. Like they’ll come out from the screen,” while Gilme said, “Everyone had a passionate performance, but EXO did it the best.”

The legend Jun Young Rok stated, “I’m right here, but I felt like I was with you on stage.”

Despite their amazing performance, EXO couldn’t beat Bada’s record of 414 points.

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” Jun Ji Hyun for ‘Vogue Korea’ “


Jun Ji Hyun telah menjadi gadis nakal.

Pemotretan tambahan dari aktris tersebut untuk edisi September dari ‘Vogue Korea’  dirilis pada 28 Agustus. Dalam pemotretan terbaru, dia berpose nakal dengan ekspresi lucu.


Seorang pejabat mengatakan, “Jun Ji Hyun adalah wanita Dior untuk 2013 F / W item couture Dior. Dia bisa menjadi wanita dewasa dan seorang gadis cantik di waktu yang sama.”

Jun Ji Hyun akan segera membuat comeback ke layar kecil dengan drama SBS ‘Man from the Stars.’

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” Seoul’s Modern Architectural Marvels “

Seoul's Modern Architectural Marvels

Ewha Woman’s University’s ECC Complex redefines the meaning of underground.

After the end of the Korean war, Seoul, like many Korean cities, was left in shambles. Reasonably so, rebuilding efforts were focused more on practicality than aesthetics to reconstruct the city quickly and effectively. These days, however, Seoul’s skyline is an eclectic mishmash of modern architecture, from towering cement apartment complexes to eye-catching glass and steel marvels. Impressive modern buildings can be found just about anywhere in Seoul, a UNESCO City of Design, but there are a certain few that I think visitors should keep an eye out for while exploring the city. Check them out below.

Ewha Woman’s University Ewha Campus Complex: From above, it’s difficult to d h just what Ewha Woman’s University’s ECC actually is. This is because the ingenious complex designed by French architect Dominique Perrault is mostly underground; despite this, the entire interior of the building is spacious and full of light. Merging architecture with landscape, Perrault created a functional yet tranquil space to study. Or to enjoy one of the many facilities the building has to offer: an indie cinema, a fitness center, cafes, and boutiques. (Get There: Ewha Womans University Station, Exits 2 and 3)

Jongno Tower: Built in 1999, the Jongno Tower isn’t the newest building on this list, but it is certainly one of the most recognizable. Soaring 433 feet over downtown Seoul, The Tower resembles a hovering UFO more so than what it actually is: a 33-story office building. Situated on its top floor is Top Cloud, an upscale restaurant and bar, that offers diners a spectacular 360 degree view of the city in addition to live musical performances. (Get There: Jonggak Station, Exit 3)

Seoul's Modern Architectural Marvels

Jongno Tower: office building or spaceship? You decide.

Seoul Central Post Office: Seoul’s Central Post Office, also known as Post Tower, was designed by the Space Group, the city’s leading modern architectural firm. Resembling a giant unzipped zipper, it’s an unusual contrast to the European-style water fountain and Bank of Korea building that stand across from it. Post Tower is especially impressive at night, when it is illuminated in lights of every color. (Get There: City Hall Station, Exit 7; Euljiro 1-ga Station, Exit 7 towards Shinsegae Department Store; Hoehyeon Station, Exit 7.)

Seoul's Modern Architectural Marvels

Seoul’s Central Post Office wows at night. (Photo: http://www.skyscrapercity.com)

Urban Hive: Standing over central Gangnam like a giant cheese grater, the “Urban Hive” is one of the more memorable buildings south of the Han River. Having been erected one floor at a time and entirely from concrete rather than with interior columns or a steel-framed foundation, the building set a new precedent for skyscraper construction in Korea. The architect, Kim In-chul, also placed much emphasis on the human element when planning the Urban Hive. Included in his award-winning design are a rooftop garden and 3,371 window-like holes that each offer a unique view of the cityscape. (Get There: Sinnonhyeon Station, Exit 3)

Seoul's Modern Architectural Marvels

Cafe patrons admire the unique interior of Gangnam’s Urban Hive. (Photo: Manfredo1)

Sangsangmadang: Located near Hongik University, one of Seoul’s top design schools, Sangsangmadang is an intriguing building that entices passerby with its imaginative facade: a curvy steel frame over an 11-story glass structure. Although this building is impossible to miss from the outside, many often don’t realize that it’s interior is also worth checking out. The unique complex houses a cinema, a performance hall, a contemporary art gallery, and a shop that sells fun and funky products designed by young Korean artists. (Get There: Hongik University, Exit 9.)

Seoul's Modern Architectural Marvels

Appropriately situated in Hongdae, Sangsangmadang is an immaginative space that encourages creativity and modern design amongst the area’s artists. (Photo: EonsBetween.net)

Seoul City Hall: Having just been completed last year, the new Seoul City Hall is arguably the most futuristic building on this list. Situated just behind the former Japanese-constructed City Hall and overlooking Seoul Plaza, the building’s facade, made of solar panels and special UV filtering glass, appears as a tsunami-like wave. Despite the controversy this coincidence created in regards to Korean-Japanese relations, it’s unquestionable that the building’s design and functionality are extraordinary.

The building’s interior is an interesting and somewhat mind-boggling combination of jungle and outer-space. Escalators ascend into spaceship-like pods, installation art pieces of plastic tubing and balloons hang from the ceilings, and live plants crawl up the walls. The energy-efficient, eco-friendly building may be the first of its kind, but I have a feeling it will certainly not be the last. (Get There: City Hall Station, Exit 5)

Seoul's Modern Architectural Marvels

Seoul City Hall’s interior: the world’s largest green wall and futuristic installation art.

Which of Seoul’s modern architectural structures do you think deserve to be on this list? Add them in the comment box below.

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