” Jessica and Krystal show more sisterly love in photoshoot for ‘STONEHENgE’ “

The famous Jung sisters Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and f(x)‘s Krystal did a photoshoot for jewelry brand ‘STONEHENgE‘ in which they looked glamorous and sophisticated at the same time.  They posed both separately and together, showing off their superior genes and sisterly affection.

With Krystal currently acting as a rich heiress for drama ‘Heirs,’ this photoshoot definitely proves that she can pull off the elegant look and give off that vibe of living in complete luxury.  Likewise, Jessica looks like she was born to wear expensive jewelry and beautiful gowns.

Check out the pictures below to see how gorgeous and classy the Jung sisters look!

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” Victoria asks, “with bangs or without bangs”? “


On Chuseok, f(x) Victoria seeks your opinion as she uploaded two photos of her. One is Victoria with bangs and the other one is without bangs.

She wrote on her me2day,
“Everyone~ have an enjoyable Chuseok~
It’s been a while since we have our long holiday.
Have a plenty of happy memories with your families~
(me and ‘my friend’)”

So what do you think?


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” Super Junior Heechul And Sulli Look Adorable Taking Sticky Pics ‘

Heechul And Sulli Look Adorable Taking Sticky Pics

Ever since Super Junior member Heechul was discharged from military service, he has been busy catching up with his friends. His inner circle of friends especially drew attention online when Heechul made no secret of his close friendship with label mate and f(x) member Sulli.

On September 12, Heechul shared a photo of their hangout on Instagram with the caption, “Sulli is always smiling, even when she’s lonely or sad. When I asked her if it was difficult to always smile, she simply laughed in response. Sulli and Tiffany are both happy viruses. I’m just a virus. By the way, why does Instagram keep cutting off my photos?” 

In the photo, Heechul and Sulli make cute poses in a sticker photo booth. The top two photos have been cut off, but the bottom two photos reveal the idols having a ball with the editing feature of the sticker photo session. 

Netizens commented, “Aren’t those two nine years apart? But they look good together nevertheless”, “They look like an adorable oppa and dongseng” and “I think these two are both happy viruses.”

Heechul also previously shared photos of his friendly date with Sulli on September 9. 


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” K-pop Minus One, What We Hear When We Break the Music Down “

K-pop Minus One, What We Hear When We Break the Music Down

K-pop is still essentially pop, as the name entails. And one of the best things about the pop genre is the malleability of the music. What do I mean by this?

I mean, pop music is flexible. That’s why pop has subgenres that extends to every other existing music genre out there; pop rock, country pop, pop R&B, and the list goes on. The point I’m getting at is that pop exceeds many musical genres in my opinion because the beat can be switched and moulded into whatever fits your mood, appealing to the public.  Thus, ensuring greater popularity.

For this article, we’re going to go more instrumental. There are many songs that exist out there that if they were unplugged or defragmented, they would make up a whole new song that would reinvent your experience with it. 

I think these set of songs would be good for a rainy day or as background music for when you’re painting or writing? Just when you want to get creative and need a little musical guidance.

Here are just some favorites of mine that you can most certainly share with or add to.

It’s You by Super Junior

Because of You by After School

Somebody to Love by Big Bang

Shadow by F(x)

Peter Pan by EXO

Black Pearl by EXO

Ticket by Nine Muses

Troublemaker by Hyuna And Hyunseung


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” Amber holds ‘scavenger hunt for Amber&Henry’s derp faces on twitter “

f(x) member Amber is up with another hilarious idea for her fans. On her twitter account, she conducts a ‘scavenger hunt’ for “#snoopyandstitch” derp faces. Fans tweeted her with a photo of her and Henry’s derp faces.


She tweeted, “Lets find the best derp face of me and @henrylau89 teehee #snoopy&stitch #143″


See the photos she chose below:


Amber holds 'scavenger hunt for Amber&Henry's derp faces on twitter
Amber holds 'scavenger hunt for Amber&Henry's derp faces on twitter
Amber holds 'scavenger hunt for Amber&Henry's derp faces on twitter
Amber holds 'scavenger hunt for Amber&Henry's derp faces on twitter
Amber holds 'scavenger hunt for Amber&Henry's derp faces on twitter


After that, she tweeted, “Thanks u guys for doin this scavenger hunt w/ us! We had tons of fun! Dont forget to listen to “1-4-3″ by @henrylau89 feat me! Love u guys!”.

Which one if the best derp photo for you?


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” Victoria shows how f(x) aged together during the past 4 years of their career “

Victoria proved that f(x) aged like fine wine during the past 4 years they’ve been together since their debut!

Victoria shared on her me2day, “Happy 4th anniversary, f(x). 1st round. We got 4 years older.” She then shared on her Weibo, “4th anniversary 2nd round~ Thanks for being with us until we came to where we are today.”

Victoria shared her f(x) family portraits throughout the years, remembering her friendship with the members and making fans realize how much they’ve grown in front of eyes over that time.

f(x) recently concluded their “Rum Pum Pum Pum” promotions. During the promotions, the girls won various trophies from music shows and swept music charts immediately upon release, ending up at #1 on the Melon Chart for the month of August.

Congratulations to both f(x) and their fans!

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” f(x)’s Victoria lands the cover of Chinese magazine ‘SoCooL’ as a flower girl “

f(x)‘s Victoria represented as the cover girl for Chinese magazine ‘SoCooL‘!

‘SoCooL’ unveiled the cover for its September issue on their Weibo, picturing the gorgeous Victoria posing as a literal ‘flower girl’ dressed in flower prints and holding up a bouquet. Despite being surrounded by flowers, she managed to outshine them with her graceful beauty.

f(x) may have concluded their successful promotions for “Rum Pum Pum Pum“, but you can still catch Victoria and Kim So Eun display their teamwork for KBS W‘s ‘Glitter‘!


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” f(x)’s ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’ tops Melon’s monthly chart “

f(x) has topped Melon’s monthly charts!

Rum Pum Pum Pum” ranked proudly at #1 for the month of August on the chart. Following f(x) was Crayon Pop with “Bar Bar Bar“, and San E who ranked 3rd with “Story of Someone I Know“.

The top 10 artists of August on Melon are as follows:

  1. f(x) “Rum Pum Pum Pum”
  2. Crayon Pop “Bar Bar Bar”
  3. San E “Story of Someone I Know”
  4. Ailee “U & I”
  5. A Pink “No No No”
  6. Brown Eyed Girls “Kill Bill”
  7. Davichi “Missing You Today”
  8. B2ST “Shadow”
  9. Dynamic Duo “BAAAM”
  10. EXO “Growl”

Congratulations to f(x)!


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” Girls Generation Taeyeon expresses her shock that Sulli chose her as the prettiest female idol “

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon expressed her pleasant surprise upon hearing that f(x)‘s

Sulli chose her as the prettiest female idol star.

Entertainment Relay‘ met up with Taeyeon and Seohyun during their photo shoot for ‘Despicable Me 2 and mentioned, “On a recent variety show, Sulli picked Taeyeon as #1 on her ranking of female idols’ visuals”, to which Taeyeon couldn’t hide her shock and responded, “Sulli said that?” Taeyeon then thanked Sulli with a happy smirk.

The reporter asked, “I heard that you have a special event today?” Taeyeon shared, “We will be pitching and batting later.” When the reporter shared, “Girls’ Generation always becomes a hot issue when they pitch”, Taeyeon hilariously added, “Unintentionally.” Taeyeon shared, “We will throw well this time.”

The show followed both the girls to the LG Twins vs Nexen Heroes baseball game and after Taeyeon threw the ball over the catcher’s head, she joked, “I wish I did better. I must have a lot of strength [laughs].”


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” KBS Music Bank 08.30.13 – Crayon Pop Wins with “Bar Bar Bar” “

KBS Music Bank 08.30.13 - Crayon Pop Wins with "Bar Bar Bar"

The winner of K-chart this week was Crayon Pop with “Bar Bar Bar,” beating EXO’s “Growl.” Congratulations Crayon Pop! While took a few months for the song to reach the top, they have becoming this year’s breakout hit. Coming from a non major company, it’s great to see them succeed as major underdogs in the industry.

This week was the exciting comeback stage of handsome Teen Top with “Teen Top Class”, “Don’t I” and the cool “Rocking”. Also today featured Spica with the cute song “Tonight.”

Other exciting performances today were by ZE:A, Sunmi, Seungri, Big Star, f(x), Wassup, B.A.P, NC.A, M.I.B, Tasty, 2NE1, Say Yes, Henry, AA and many more.

Next week will feature comeback performances by KARA, Navi, Ladies Code and BTOB!

Enjoy the performances below. Congratulations once again to Crayon Pop!

Crayon Pop Winning K-Chart + Encore

Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar”

Teen Top – “Rocking”

Teen Top – “Teen Top Class” + “Don’t I”

Spica – “Tonight”

ZE:A – “Ghost Of Wind”

Sunmi – “24 Hours”

Big Star – “Run N Run”

Seungri – “Gotta Talk To You”

f(x) – “Rum Pum Pum Pum”

Wassup – “Wassup”

Tasty – “Mamama”

K-Hunter – “Marry Me”

B.A.P – “Badman”

M.I.B – “Men In Black”

2NE1 – “Do You Love Me”

Henry (feat. Amber) – “1-3-4 (I Love You)”


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