” Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spotted attending class “

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spotted attending class

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA recently received attention through various photos at Dongguk University.

Recently, several photos were posted on an online community board under the title, “YoonA spotted in class.” The photos showed YoonA in the classroom, looking naturally gorgeous on her casual clothings like a typical student.

After seeing the photo, fans commented, “YoonA just look like a model student”, “She is pretty”, “I envy her beauty” and more.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spotted attending class
Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spotted attending class

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” Girls’ Generation takes you behind the scenes for their Samantha Thavasa jeans endorsement “

Through their latest release, “Galaxy Supernova”, Girls’ Generation is endorsing Samantha Thavasa jeans and the behind-the-scenes footage of their collaboration has been revealed.

During the interview, Tiffany explains how they worked with brand Samantha Thavasa and went for a galaxy theme in their latest Japanese single.

Sooyoung said they wore jeans to show off their beautiful legs as they previously did with ‘Gee.’ The jeans worked well with their new choreography as the dance focused a lot on their hips and legs.

In the behind the scenes footage, the girls are indeed making everyone jealous of their long, pretty legs as they pose and dance in both colorful and traditional jeans. In addition, watching the video above will surely make everyone nostalgic for Girls’ Generation’s ‘Gee’ days when they first donned colorful skinny jeans.

Check out the video above!

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” Girls Generation Holds Successful Concert Tour ‘Girls & Peace’ In Jakarta “

The concert started with the VCR displays the members of SNSD, MEIS so packed with pink sea fans and looks very beautiful. SNSD’s concert opening night with Hoot, shouts the Sone was immediately echoed, nine members up on stage with Pink-round costumes. Then, still wearing the same costume, SNSD continued appearance with the song Animal, Talk Talk, The Boys and I Got A Boy



Completing five of their opening song, SNSD greet fans and introduce myself Indonesia respectively. They demonstrate the ability of Indonesian them, saying, Good Afternoon, I Love You, and “How

The concert continued with the song Mr. Taxi , Flower Power , Paparazzi , Run Devil Run , Reflection ‘which successfully made all the hysterical audience and greatly enjoyed the performances of all nine members. Replaced with a white dress, SNSD also performed the song Promise and Baby Baby (Ballad Vers.)


After two songs ballads, they again changed his costume with a red dress with a more feminine appearance to, the song I’m A Diamond, Express 999, Genie and The Great Escape (Remix Vers.) And Can not Take My Eyes Off You (Cover Song).


Then followed by four tracks, where SNSD returned costume changes, combined with the red dress pink, appear more cheerful by performing four songs namely My J, Kissing You, Way To Go and the audience was instantly singing along to a song Gee


Session continued with talking, where SNSD ask Sone if they were all happy with the performance last night. Seohyun said Are you happy? We are very pleased with our first concert here , even all the SNSD members felt that they had come to Indonesia by more than ten times, due to a very enthusiastic audience excited. The members also feel they are very close to the fans, because Sone can sing along to them in Korean and moved with Project created by fans.

As a sign of their gratitude, SNSD ballad rendition of the second album Forever, all members of SNSD looks untouched by fanchant voice and support of the fans

SNSD is back on stage with Encore performances, brought last three songs namely ‘Into The New World, Oh!, And Twinkle (9 members Vers.)

SNSD finally had to say their goodbyes to Sone Indonesia and bend as well to say a big thank you to all the spectators in attendance. They promised to return to Indonesia and meet with the fans again, and asked for continued support in the future SNSD.





” Girls Generation Yoona Membuat Fans Terpesona Saat Hadiri Acara Ulang Tahun Calvin Klein “

 Yoona Calvin Klein Event 01

Yoona SNSD memperlihatkan kecantikannya yang bersinar pada saat pesta ulang tahun ‘CK Calvin Klein’ yang berlangsung di Cheongdam Calvin Klein toko flagship di Seoul.

Mengenakan blus biru terang dan celana hitam, Yoona menghiasi photowall dan membuat penonton terkesan dengan kecantikannya yang menakjubkan dan tersenyum cantik.

Selain itu, banyak selebriti seperti Daniel Henney, Jang Hyuk, Seo In Guk, Han Ji Hye, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Honey dan Lim Seulong hadir untuk merayakan acara ulang tahun.

Lihat foto-foto Yoona dibawah ini

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 02

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 03

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 04

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 05

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 05

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 07

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 08

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 09

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 10

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 11

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 12

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 13

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 14

Yoona Calvin Klein Event 15

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” “Let Me In 3” Transforms Bullied Girl Into Girls Generation’s YoonA Through Plastic Surgery “

"Let Me In 3" Transforms Bullied Girl Into YoonA Through Plastic Surgery

On August 22, StoryOn TV makeover program “Let Me In 3” aired its fourth episode which featured the plastic surgery transformation of Bang Mi Jung into Girls’ Generation member YoonA

Bang Mi Jung, 23 years old, applied to the show previously but was not selected for the show.  However, later, when the show doctors reconsidered failed applicants, they felt that Bang Mi Jung had the most emotionally painful story of that group and decided to give her the plastic surgery makeover. 

From elementary school to high school, Bang Mi Jung endured harassment and teasing from other students due to her looks.  Finally, Bang Mi Jung reached her breaking point and dropped out of her high school in South Korea.  She then, paying private tuition fees, studied abroad at a high school in the Philippines.  Bang Mi Jung thought she had escaped the ridicule she had faced back in her home country but found that students were the same everywhere and endured more harassment in her new high school.  

“Let Me In 3″ doctors said that in addition to having an extremely protruding chin and jawline, Bang Mi Jung also had crossbite and open bite issues which required dental work.    

After having a series of complex surgeries, Bang Mi Jung’s transformation left “Let Me In 3″ hosts Hwang Shin Hye, Kim Joon Hee, and Lee Kyung Min in shock and awe at her newly found attractiveness.  Viewers thought that Bang Mi Jung now looked like Girls’ Generation’s YoonA.  A grateful Bang Mi Jung said that for as much help and kindness she had received, she would not let herself become depressed again and would show herself living confidently and productively.      

"Let Me In 3" Transforms Bullied Girl Into YoonA Through Plastic Surgery  "Let Me In 3" Transforms Bullied Girl Into YoonA Through Plastic Surgery

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” Movie version of ‘Love Rain’ starring Jang Geun Suk and Girls Generation’s YoonA to play in theaters in Japan “

KBS drama ‘Love Rain‘, starring Jang Geun Suk and YoonA, will play in theaters across Japan!

The drama’s production agency Yoon’s Color stated, “In Japan, ‘Love Rain’ will be released in theaters… The movie version of ‘Love Rain’ will feature the highlights of the 20-episode drama which aired in Japan. Viewers who haven’t watched the drama will also be able to fully enjoy the movie.”

Although ‘Love Rain’ didn’t fare so well in viewer ratings on domestic TV, the drama was later picked up by Japan’s Fuji TV and topped its time slot several times. 

Fans in Japan, catch Jang Geun Suk and YoonA on the big screen in the movie version of ‘Love Rain’ which is set to premiere in Japanese theaters on September 20!

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” Girls Generation’s YoonA wows in her little black dress in Las Vegas “

YoonA became the next Girls’ Generation to wow fans in her little black dress.

YoonA updated her UFOtown profile picture with the photo above which was taken against the backdrop of the beautiful night view in front of the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Her little black dress hugs her at all the right places, easily making her a showstopper during a girls’ night out.

SONEs commented, “YoonA looks gorgeous even in a unedited photo”, “It looks like a pictorial”, and “Her body is smoking hot.”

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” Yoona ‘SNSD’ Enggan Disebut Paling Seksi di Grupnya “

Yoona Girls Generation

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEOUL — Pada salah satu episode terakhir ‘Entertainment Relay’ di KBS TV, personel Girls Generation Yoona menjadi salah satu bintang tamu. Namun, Yoona tak sendiri, melainkan bersama saudara-saudara satu manajemennya, seperti Sulli F(x)’ dan Kyuhyun ‘Super Junior.’

Selama wawancara, Yoona tersenyum malu-malu ketika pembawa acara memuji pinggangnya yang langsing dan mungil. Yoona juga sempat memamerkannya selama pertunjukan terakhir. Meski demikian, Yoona membantah jika ada yang menyebutkan bahwa dirinya kini telah menjadi personel terseksi dan tercantik di grupnya.

“Tidak sama sekali. Mengenai pinggang mungil ini, aku tidak punya rahasia atau resep khusus. Aku juga tidak berpikir pinggangku kecil,” ujar Yoona, dilansir dari Soompi, Selasa (21/5). Sikap Yoona yang rendah hati mendapat pujian oleh sejumlah netizen.

Padahal, Yoona baru saja dinobatkan sebagai anggota girlband tercantik kedua se-Korea Selatan versi Panel Now, sebuah lembaga riset online di Korea Selatan. Dari 2.104 responden, Yoona memperoleh 5.595 suara (25 persen), satu tingkat di bawah Suzy ‘Miss A’ yang mendapatkan 6.430 suara (29 persen) dan ada di posisi pertama.

Ternyata, Yoona memang diberkati dengan keturunan genetik keluarga. Baru-baru ini sebuah buletin Korea Selatan menampilkan foto kakak perempuan Yoona yang juga sama cantiknya dengan adiknya yang terkenal dengan sebutan pusat Girls Generation itu.

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” You’re Kind of Ugly for a Korean: Fetishism is Hurtful “

You're Kind of Ugly for a Korean: Fetishism is Hurtful You’re Kind of Ugly for a Korean: Fetishism is Hurtful

You're Kind of Ugly for a Korean: Fetishism is Hurtful Ah, Idols. Aren’t they great? They’re beautiful, stunning people who almost never make a mistake in the public eye. They can dance, sing, and not even break a sweat. Cute and sexy, they have it all, and are idolized by many the world over. Indeed, K-pop idols have become mascots for brands and companies, if not Korea itself. People now clamor to visit, learn the language, and bring themselves closer to their favorite performers. But…what about everyone else? What does this new spotlight on Korea do to the average Koreans, specifically, Korean-Americans, who may not even be into K-pop?

A new wave of “fetishism” is hitting many Korean-Americans. While the glitz and glamor of K-pop is mostly manufactured, many people are finding themselves being held up to the same visual standards of idols by often ignorant –- and hurtful — international fans. The pushing of the idol image is skewing a lot of people’s ideas of the actual Korean population, abroad and at home.

“You’re kind of ugly, for a Korean I mean. That’s what he told me. I never thought I was pretty, but I didn’t think I was ugly either. Am I ugly for a Korean?”

That’s what a friend told me on a brief visit back from school. Of course, looking at the friend, I could do nothing but disagree with the accusation of this college student. She wasn’t ugly, for a Korean or a human being, but she was normal. She wasn’t polished to perfection, and she wasn’t a part of a photo shoot. But she is one of many who are suddenly finding that their ethnicity has become the “in” thing, and that they don’t fit into the right ideal. This wave of interest is bringing a whole new set of ideals and stereotypes for many Korean-Americans (if not Asian Americans in general) to live up to.

You're Kind of Ugly for a Korean: Fetishism is Hurtful On a recent episode of Let Me In 3, an international student lamented her face, explaining how many people told her how unattractive she was, especially being of Korean descent. People would ask her if all Koreans were as “ugly,” especially with idols being pushed as the standard of the Korean population. The comments pushed her towards plastic surgery. Korea is very well know for its plastic surgery, but would it have been as severe without the comments? Would it have felt like a necessity? A short documentary called The K-pop Effect takes a look at the increase of surgery not just because of one’s own personal desires, but a need. “Because every K-pop star on TV looks so pretty, like a doll,” says the parent of one of the patients, “she sees them as the standard of what is beautiful.”

Along with the added visual pressure to look a certain way, Korean-Americans are starting to see themselves treated like trends, or trinkets, by international fans who go to some rather insensitive measures to feel “Korean.”

“I want a Korean boyfriend!” On many forums, I see girls pine and swoon over the idea of a Korean boyfriend as if having one is some sort of trinket or badge. Likewise, I’ve seen men openly speak of their “yellow fever,” thinking that it’s now acceptable to equate a race to a sexual fetish because of their love of K-pop idols (and I think we all saw how that turned out). People boast about what foods they eat and what words they know not for the sake of teaching others, but to show how “Korean” they are. I’ve had friends complain of people harassing them, trying to gain their friendship with their knowledge of K-pop and K-dramas, neither of which interest the Chinese-American they’re talking to.

You're Kind of Ugly for a Korean: Fetishism is Hurtful This of course is not a post to tell people to stop loving K-pop, Korean culture, or Korean people. This is not an article to tell you to shy away from making friends based on your love of K-pop. But please, remember that idols are not true representations of Korea, and that Korean people are not badges you can collect to show your love. You shouldn’t aim to become more Korean by what you eat, wear, or listen to. Not all Koreans like K-pop, and not all of them want to look like Yoona orTaemin. Please keep your journey through K-pop and Korea’s culture a respectful one.

(Images via SM Entertainment, DSP Media , Let Me In)


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” Girls’ Generation’s YoonA ‘glows’ in chic trench coat for latest ‘Innisfree’ CF “

Long-time endorsement model for Innisfree cosmetics, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA is back with another gorgeous CF.

This time the idol is promoting their new glowing lipstick, and glowing is an understatement. YoonA radiates effortless beauty in the simple CF as she walks around on a bright and sunny day. Dressed in a chic trench coat she perfectly fits the ‘city girl’ concept.

Does the CF make you want to run out and get some ruby red ‘glowing lipstick’?

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