” Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spotted attending class “

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spotted attending class

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA recently received attention through various photos at Dongguk University.

Recently, several photos were posted on an online community board under the title, “YoonA spotted in class.” The photos showed YoonA in the classroom, looking naturally gorgeous on her casual clothings like a typical student.

After seeing the photo, fans commented, “YoonA just look like a model student”, “She is pretty”, “I envy her beauty” and more.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spotted attending class
Girls’ Generation’s YoonA spotted attending class

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” What’s Up This Week with….Girls’ Generation! [Week of 9/1-9/7] “

Girls Generation 


Back to back releases, back to back events. That’s what’s up with Girls’ Generation this week.


The music video for Girls’ Generation’s eighth Japanese single, “Galaxy Supernova”, was released on Thursday, September 5, 2013.


The dance version shows off the electronic-disco funk vibe the song entails. From choreography to the box-setting stages, the song shows quite a new side of the nine members.


Packaged along with the video release, is the news of being the muses of Japanese fashion company, Samantha Thavasa.


The members were appointed as the new endorsers for “Samantha Thavasa Jeans”, the very first jean line from the fashion brand, and are seen sporting the new line of jeans in the “Galaxy Supernova” video.


With the advertisement campaign, Girls’ Generation is said to be featured in various projects as well as commercials for Samantha Thavasa.


On the other hand, Taeyeon and Seohyun attended the yellow carpet premiere of the Korean version of “Despicable Me 2″ on September 4, 2013.


As South Korea’s Margot and Edith made an appearance, they also posed for pictures in front of press and fanswith a small press conference afterwards.


In the fashion side of things, Sunny and Hyoyeon donned nude-color pieces upon their attendance at the H&M Fall Collection Pre-Shopping Party on September 3, 2013.


However, on September 8, 2013, Sooyoung held her fourth fansign event for Double-M. As the brand’s new muse, the very humble Girls’ Generation member managed to greet fans as well take the time personally greet an ill fan in attendance.


What an awesome week it is for both fans and Girls’ Generation! From the new release and doing an awesome deeds, there’s not doubt the nine girls are the best! Check back next week to see what’s up with girls!


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” Girls Generation Will Sing 30 Songs At Concert “

SONE are lucky enough to attend a concert of the idol on Saturday (14/9) tonight at Meis Ancol would be very happy and satisfied.

Why is that? Because mentioned if Girls Generation will sing about 30 songs at their best in front of the Indonesian SONE.

Started after 17.00‘s, Girls’ Generation will sing their hits ranks such as I Got a Boy, Mr. Taxi, Dancing Queen, Paparazzi, and Run Devil Run Into the New World.

Not only treated to performances by the nine beautiful girls of Girls Generation, SONEs will be pampered with a vocal ability, dazzling dance and stage effects are also promised with holographic effect.

Although the concert was about to begin on the afternoon, apparently the concert site Meis Ancol already filled with thousands of SONE since this morning. So Indonesia, Put it Back On!

Daftar lagu yang dinyanyikan Girls Generation foto: @GG_World1

” Fan Give a Pink Colored Finger surprise for SNSD “

Korean girl group SNSD will hold a concert at the Eagle Eye International Stadium (MEIS) Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (14/9). The fans were preparing a surprise for the group of nine beautiful women.

One of the surprise appears when SNSD sang a song called Promise. The fans will stretch the little finger toward the stage. Interestingly, the little finger dipped in ink fans first. So that when stretched out, fingers will be colored pink sparkling.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the event was to prepare the best performances for the fans of Yoona and the comrades. Committee set up holographic technology.

The fans lined up at the entrance since the early days. Committee set up 10 thousand tickets. The plan, the concert starts at 17.00 pm for three hours.

” SNSD concert in Jakarta Use Hologram Technology “


Jakarta SM Entertainment is known so miserably in making the concept of the concert for its artists. So is the SNSD concert. As in Seoul, SNSD concert in Jakarta will also use holographic technology.

3D holographic technology is a breakthrough that is being developed by SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment to provide a different concert experience for fans.

Virtual form of the SNSD members will enliven the concert ‘2013 Girls ‘Generation World Tour Girls & Peace in Jakarta. Explains Dyandra Entertainment and Entertainment 7Kings reporters at a news today, Wednesday (08/21/2013).

The main show will be featuring SNSD special holographic technology. These new technologies first used on SNSD concert in Seoul,” said Alfred W. Agus, from 7Kings Entertainment. Concert in Seoul was opened by the song Hoot and displays a hologram of the members.

Not only that, the promoter also explained that the concept of the concert ‘2013 Girls ‘Generation World Tour Girls & Peace in Jakarta will be exactly the same as the opening concert in Seoul on 8 and 9 June.

“The concept is exactly the same as the one shown in Seoul,” added Alfred.

Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Sooyoung and Seohyun will be performing for about three hours to perform about 24 songs. Not only that, the nine girls will also provide a special show to SONE .

There will be a special show, but has not been decided,” said the promoter.


” “Let Me In 3” Transforms Bullied Girl Into Girls Generation’s YoonA Through Plastic Surgery “

"Let Me In 3" Transforms Bullied Girl Into YoonA Through Plastic Surgery

On August 22, StoryOn TV makeover program “Let Me In 3” aired its fourth episode which featured the plastic surgery transformation of Bang Mi Jung into Girls’ Generation member YoonA

Bang Mi Jung, 23 years old, applied to the show previously but was not selected for the show.  However, later, when the show doctors reconsidered failed applicants, they felt that Bang Mi Jung had the most emotionally painful story of that group and decided to give her the plastic surgery makeover. 

From elementary school to high school, Bang Mi Jung endured harassment and teasing from other students due to her looks.  Finally, Bang Mi Jung reached her breaking point and dropped out of her high school in South Korea.  She then, paying private tuition fees, studied abroad at a high school in the Philippines.  Bang Mi Jung thought she had escaped the ridicule she had faced back in her home country but found that students were the same everywhere and endured more harassment in her new high school.  

“Let Me In 3″ doctors said that in addition to having an extremely protruding chin and jawline, Bang Mi Jung also had crossbite and open bite issues which required dental work.    

After having a series of complex surgeries, Bang Mi Jung’s transformation left “Let Me In 3″ hosts Hwang Shin Hye, Kim Joon Hee, and Lee Kyung Min in shock and awe at her newly found attractiveness.  Viewers thought that Bang Mi Jung now looked like Girls’ Generation’s YoonA.  A grateful Bang Mi Jung said that for as much help and kindness she had received, she would not let herself become depressed again and would show herself living confidently and productively.      

"Let Me In 3" Transforms Bullied Girl Into YoonA Through Plastic Surgery  "Let Me In 3" Transforms Bullied Girl Into YoonA Through Plastic Surgery

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” Girls Generation Sooyoung gives a helping hand in her father’s campaign to help the blind “

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung gave a helping hand in her father’s campaign to help the blind.

On the 24th, Sooyoung attended a seminar for those suffering from a rare case of retinitis pigmentosa. She showed her heart of gold while distributing food and taking care of the patients throughout the entire event. 

Fellow members Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun also serve as ambassadors for the campaign.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will perform at the ‘Incheon Korean Music Wave 2013‘ on September 1 and continue on their world tour in Indonesia on September 14-15.

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” Girls’ Generation’s Jessica blows a kiss to SONEs “

Jessica was the next Girls’ Generation member to show how much she misses her fans, and she sealed the deal with a kiss!

Though Jessica’s known among fans as an ‘ice princess’, she was a ‘pink princess’ in her crown and matching top. SONEs commented, “Thanks for the kiss,” “Jessica is pretty, cute, and has a lot of aegyo. She has everything,” and “Jessica is no longer an ice princess.”

For those who are wondering when they’ll see the girls next, Girls’ Generation will return to the stage at the ‘Incheon Korean Music Wave 2013‘ on September 1 KST!

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” SNSD Taeyeon & Seohyun Akan Lakukan Lemparan Pertama di Pertandingan Baseball “


SNSD Taeyeon dan Seohyun akan menjadi member SNSD berikutnya untuk melakukan lemparan pembuka pertama di sebuah pertandingan baseball.

Pada 27 Agustus, kedua idola ini akan melakukan lemparan seremonial pertama dalam pertandingan baseball antara LG Twins dan Nexen Heroes untuk digelar di Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Taeyeon akan melakukan lemparan sedangkan Seohyun akan berdiri sebagai pemukul.

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