” KARA’s Jiyoung goes for a tomboy look for ‘Vogue Girl’ “

KARA’s Jiyoung goes for a tomboy look for ‘Vogue Girl’

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung, who is usually known for her cute and sexy image, goes for a more boyish look in her recent pictorial with fashion magazine, ‘Vogue Girl’.

In a pictorial for the magazine’s October issue, Jiyoung decided to flip her image by dressing up in boyish, punky looks with the main concept of “Boy Meets Girl”. She tried out different makeup, styles and accessories, highlighting her active and unique charms.

Meanwhile, Jiyoung is currently on promotion with KARA for their new single “Damaged Lady”.


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” KARA Seungyeon Spend Time With Chuseok holidays With Cycling “


KARA Seungyeon set some time during the Chuseok holiday for cycling. According to a recent tweet, Seungyeon was hoping to get a rare opportunity for some time.

She tweeted, I’m having a rest! I relaxed, but why I was so busy. I‘ve been thinking about it since 2 years ago, and I had to buy a bike now. I‘ve had a good day lately. I hope you all have a happy Chuseok too!

Hopefully, Seungyeon wear a helmet next time. Fans will be upset if he was a Damaged Lady.


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” Kara & Girls Generation : Who Will Reach One Million Sales First? “

Kara & SNSD: Who Will Reach One Million Sales First?

Kara and SNSD are competing to see who takes home the title of one million Japanese album sales first.

Kara’s second Japanese album “Super Girl” has recorded sales of 586,400 albums up until January 9 (Oricon standard), while SNSD’s first album “Girls’ Generation” has 734,800 albums sold, showing a difference of 148,400 in total.

Although SNSD’s album sales are in the lead, Kara is still very much in competition. When “Super Girl” was released on November 23, the album placed first for five consecutive days on the Oricon charts. It also earned a place on the weekly and monthly charts as well, dominating the Japanese music industry.

Kara’s sales grew at a monstrous rate. Within two days, the sales reached 100,000, reaching over 200,000 after the fifth day. In eight days, total sales recorded 300,000, and reached 400,000 a little after the two weeks’ time. Just before a month had passed, total sales recorded half a million copies. A month had not even passed, and already the album was in seventh place for having the most sales in the entire year.

In December, SNSD released a new song along with a repackaged album. With numbers ranging so closely and tensions rising in the competition, it’s difficult to tell who will reach the million sales mark first.

The only Korean singer to ever have reached a million album sales in Japan is the “Asia’s Star,” BoA. In January of 2003, her second Japanese album “Valenti” recorded a whopping 12.4 million in sales!

Kara and SNSD are the first two Korean girl groups to near the one million mark for album sales in Japan in nine years. Which will be the first to reach it?


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” KARA’s comeback on ‘M! Countdown’ to be broadcast all over the world “

KARA‘s first “Damaged Lady” comeback stage will be on ‘M! Countdown‘, and their comeback stage will be broadcast all over the world!

‘M! Countdown’ is scheduled to broadcast through Mnet USA and Mnet Japan, and also in 13 different Asian countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand through tvN.

Not only that, KARA will also be performing at the ‘2013 Seoul Drama Awards‘ on the same day and have 2 comeback stages. The ‘2013 Seoul Drama Awards’ will be broadcast through MBC, YouTube, and UStream, meaning it’ll be live streamed in 120 countries all over the world. 

Are you ready for their comeback?


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” Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Makes KARA Hara Crying? “


Super Junior’s Kyuhyun sharp tongue at MBC Radio Star to make someone cry. In a recent recording of Radio Star, Kara and Park Jin Young appeared as guests.

With MC who is known to have questions ruthless and honest comments, Kara asked what are they afraid of this event.

Goo Hara replied, Getting questions about dating. Every time I say something, that article came out all weird.

Yoon Jong Shin joked that if they do not talk about dating, they do not need to use scripts for half Goo Hara.

As they continued to talk, Kyuhyun then issued a sharp comment to Goo Hara, and at that moment, Goo Hara tears. Starting from that, Kang Ji Young, known rarely cried, also began to cry, surprised everyone in the studio, including the other Kara members.

To find out what is causing the crying effects of the KARA members, this episode will air on September 4.




” KARA are sexy bad girls for the ‘Damaged Lady’ MV & ‘Full Bloom’ album “

The ladies of KARA are finally done teasing, and they’ve released their long-awaited MV for “Damaged Lady”!

The girls go from boyish to princesses to queens all in one MV, and the MV was definitely worth the wait that Kamilia had for the release! The girls become ‘bad girls’ against the boy who doesn’t treat them right.

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” Jiyoung asks fans if they’re ready for KARA’s comeback next week with a picture “

KARA‘s Jiyoung asked the fans to get ready for the group’s comeback with a selca.

On August 30, Jiyoung wrote, “Finally the music will be released next week. Is everyone ready!?!” as she attached the above picture.

Jiyoung grabbed the fans’ eyes with her charismatic stare while biting her bottom lips. 

After seeing her update, the viewers wrote, “Giant baby is really pretty“, and “Jiyoung’s stare selca, so cute.


” KARA give a sneak peek of their comeback, reveal dating styles, and more for LOEN’s ‘CSI’ “

KARA greeted fans just in time for their return, and gave a sneak peek of their upcoming song for LOEN’s ‘CSI’ (‘Coming Soon Interview’)!

The girls sang a bit of their new title track “Damaged Lady” and demonstrated some of their choreography for the song.

In addition to discussing their new track, Seungyeon revealed that she tends to be clingy when dating, Hara gave her thoughts on their boyish concept, Jiyoung revealed how she handles her finances, and Gyuri gave her suggestions for each member as the leader of the group.

So find out more about KARA through the interview above!

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” Super Junior Kyuhyun, Minzy, Gyuri, and Chunji to introduce their mothers in the idol special of ‘Mamma Mia’ “

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, KARA‘s Gyuri, 2NE1‘s Minzy, and TEEN TOP‘s Chunji will be introducing their mothers on the idol special of ‘Mamma Mia‘!

Even though Kyuhyun is an MC, Kyuhyun’s mother is coming out as a guest on the special because Kyuhyun lost to Lee Young Ja in the watermelon-eating match he had and then promised to invite his mother onto the show.

Other than the 4 idols, Ailee, Shinji, and Andy will be on the show. Heo Kyung Hwan will also begin his place as a permanent member of the show starting from the idol special episode. The episode will be filmed on August 29 and air in September.


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” KARA and J.Y. Park to dish their stories on ‘Radio Star’ “

Things might get interesting on an upcoming ‘Radio Star‘ as KARA and J.Y. Park will come together as guests!

DSP Entertainment confirmed, “KARA will film MBC‘s ‘Radio Star’ tonight on the 28th… KARA and J.Y. Park will appear as guests together, but they will have to enter the set to find out what the concept will be.”

This will mark KARA’s return to ‘Radio Star’ after two years, and viewers are just waiting in anticipation for what stories KARA and J.Y. Park will share as well as their opinions about each other. Meanwhile, KARA will kick off their comeback with a showcase on September 2.

Maybe J.Y. Park will give KARA tips on his infamous half-air-half-sound technique before their comeback with ‘Full Bloom‘ next month? We’ll just have to wait to find out!


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