” KARA’s Jiyoung goes for a tomboy look for ‘Vogue Girl’ “

KARA’s Jiyoung goes for a tomboy look for ‘Vogue Girl’

KARA’s Kang Jiyoung, who is usually known for her cute and sexy image, goes for a more boyish look in her recent pictorial with fashion magazine, ‘Vogue Girl’.

In a pictorial for the magazine’s October issue, Jiyoung decided to flip her image by dressing up in boyish, punky looks with the main concept of “Boy Meets Girl”. She tried out different makeup, styles and accessories, highlighting her active and unique charms.

Meanwhile, Jiyoung is currently on promotion with KARA for their new single “Damaged Lady”.


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” Jiyoung asks fans if they’re ready for KARA’s comeback next week with a picture “

KARA‘s Jiyoung asked the fans to get ready for the group’s comeback with a selca.

On August 30, Jiyoung wrote, “Finally the music will be released next week. Is everyone ready!?!” as she attached the above picture.

Jiyoung grabbed the fans’ eyes with her charismatic stare while biting her bottom lips. 

After seeing her update, the viewers wrote, “Giant baby is really pretty“, and “Jiyoung’s stare selca, so cute.

” KARA’s Hara and Jiyoung looks seductive on their upcoming MV “

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KARA's Hara and Jiyoung looks seductive on their upcoming MV


Looking at the photos it is very seductive considering their outfits; it was only a sneak peek on what the girl’s are storing for their upcoming comeback music video.”


KARA is set to pre-release “Runaway” ahead of time with the full comeback scheduled to take place on the 21st  of this month. Another photo of Black and White background featuring Hara is also uploaded.


What do you think on KARA’s upcoming comeback? Aren’t they looked sexy and seductive? Male fans would not be able to keep their eyes closed.

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” KARA’s Hara and Jiyoung get soaked for their comeback MV? “

KARA‘s Hara and Jiyoung got soaked on what fans are saying could be the set of their comeback music video!

Hara gave Kamilias some eye candy with the sexy selca on her Instagram with the message, “Seductive. Judging by their outfits, it’s possibly a behind-the-scenes photo of the girls on the set of their upcoming MV.


As mentioned previously, KARA will pre-release “Runaway” ahead of their full return on the 21st! Check out another black-and-white photo of Hara below!



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