” Girls’ Generation take over the Oricon charts with their Japanese tour DVD “

Apparently ruling over the Oricon Daily Singles Chart isn’t enough for Girls’ Generation, as they’re also taking over the Oricon Daily DVD Charts!

The girls released their Japanese arena tour DVD ‘Girls’ Generation – Girls & Peace – Japan 2nd Tour‘ on the 18th, at the same time as their “Galaxy Supernova” single, and it’s been reigning over the DVD charts!

The DVD is at #1 on the daily charts. On the 2nd day of release, it dropped to 2nd, but it pushed itself back up to #1 again, and has been staying there since.

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation!

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” IU to feature on Busker Busker’s upcoming album? “

IU just might have featured in Busker Busker’s upcoming album!

The band released their album teaser last week, and eagle-eyed fans noticed something in particular. While the avatars of the boys are performing, a truck passes by on the right with the letters ‘B IU’. The B is in the same font as Busker Busker’s logo, so some fans have hypothesized that IU participated in the band’s album!

Others aren’t so sure about the featuring, especially because the two artists’ promotional periods will be overlapping.

Watch the teaser again below. The truck passes by from about 0:08 to 0:12.

” How do you like IU’s new light-brown hair? “

If we think of IU, most of us remember her long, jet-black hair that she’s been keeping for so long. 

But it looks like she’s going for an image change this time around, as she’s dyed her hair a light brown! We saw that her hair was no longer dark black in her teaser photos, but now we finally get to see what she’s dyed her hair to.

It has been rumored for a while now that rather than the cute ‘nation’s little sister’ image she’s had for a while, she’ll be taking a mature turn with this new release. 

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” SHINee’s Taemin comments on how his ‘kissable lips’ were his complex “

SHINee are always hilarious when they’re together and shared behind-the-scenes stories on how it feels to be idol stars for the past 5 years!

‘Entertainment Relay’ met up with SHINee on the set of their photo shoot and the reporter asked during the interview, “I film the best when I’m with this member?”, Jonghyun answered, “I film the best when I’m by myself.” Key was just as blunt as he shared, “I want to film with the member who is the hottest in popularity right now so there would be no way that I get edited out.” When asked, “Which member do you think you film best with today?” Key answered, “Minho… Because he is planning to enter a drama.”

The reporter congratulated SHINee on their 5th anniversary and commented on when she last saw them when they first debuted, “You were so young and fresh back then.” Jonghyun asked, “How are we like now?” Onew jokingly replied, “We got older, of course”, bringing laughs among the members. To the question, “What are your thoughts when you watch music shows?”, Jonghyun shared, “When we promoted this time around, there are so many people that we’ve met for the first time. So we felt some distance between the rookie artists.” Key added, “When we debuted, there were a lot of sunbaenims… I try to be as friendly as possible to the rookie artists.” The reported asked, “How so?”, to which Key joked, “[I call them] ya [hey you].”

During the ranking segment, when asked, “The weakest member who needs to take herbal medicine?” All of the members pointed to Onew who couldn’t stop sweating throughout the interview. Minho explained, “Onew lost a lot of weight so he looks even more like that.”

The reporter also announced that Taemin was chosen as the celebrity with the #1 lips that just ask for a kiss in a survey. Taemin already seemed to know about this and shared, “Honestly, my lips were my complex. But since I hear good things about my lips, it feels nice.”

Do you have a good opinion of Taemin’s lips ?

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” Taemin talks to Na-Eun’s mom on ‘We Got Married’ “

SHINee’s Taemin got to exchange a few words with his onscreen wife’s mother for the first time on ‘We Got Married’.

SHINee’s Minho, Jonghyun, Key, and A Pink’s Eunji were coming over for Chuseok, and Na-Eun called up her mom to ask for instructions on how to make songpyeon for the couple’s guests. When Na-Eun asked her mother on how to make it, her mother hilariously replied, “I don’t know how to make it either”.

Though Taemin was probably a bit nervous to speak to Na-Eun’s mother, there was no reason to be. His mother-in-law greeted him, saying, “Hello, [son]. I looked up videos of you.” She added, “You’re very cool and manly,” revealing what she thought about him. One of the MC’s commented, “Her mother must be a big SHINee fan.”

Taemin, of course, couldn’t help but smile immediately.

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” Minho and Jonghyun ask Na-Eun to set them up on dates on ‘We Got Married’ “

Seeing Key and Eunji hit it off, SHINee’s Jonghyun and Minho asked A Pink’s Na-Eun to set them up too.

On the September 21 installment of ‘We Got Married’, the SHINee members (minus Onew) along with Eunji visited Na-Eun and Taemin for the Chuseok holiday. The two couples got together, and Eunji even had some special gifts prepared for Key. Seeing this, Jonghyun and Minho felt left out and a bit jealous.

They then asked Na-Eun to set them up with her A Pink members. Key quickly replied, “Don’t bring us together anymore. End it with just me and Eunji.”

What do you think about the rest of SHINee and A Pink getting together?

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” 2AM’s Jo Kwon show his talent in Fishing “


2AM’s Jo Kwon says that he is a natural when fishing, and this is probably true, judging from a recent photograph.

Jo Kwon shared via his Twitter account on September 20, Fishing I think I have a knack for fishing, he also added, A big catch!! Red Drum fish!! Yep> _ <.

Apparently, Jo Kwon Chuseoknya holiday filled with fishing. Impressive, is not it?





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” KARA Seungyeon Spend Time With Chuseok holidays With Cycling “


KARA Seungyeon set some time during the Chuseok holiday for cycling. According to a recent tweet, Seungyeon was hoping to get a rare opportunity for some time.

She tweeted, I’m having a rest! I relaxed, but why I was so busy. I‘ve been thinking about it since 2 years ago, and I had to buy a bike now. I‘ve had a good day lately. I hope you all have a happy Chuseok too!

Hopefully, Seungyeon wear a helmet next time. Fans will be upset if he was a Damaged Lady.


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” Who’s this ‘Micky Mouse’ in Milan? “

Who's this 'Micky Mouse' in Milan?

Who do you think is this handsome man hiding his face and wearing a big Micky Mouse hat?

He’s a member of 2AM. The second oldest among the members. He studied at Daejin University, Dept. of Theatre and Visual Arts. Kim Tae Hoon in ‘Personal Taste’. Who's this 'Micky Mouse' in Milan?
Who's this 'Micky Mouse' in Milan?
Who's this 'Micky Mouse' in Milan?
Who's this 'Micky Mouse' in Milan?
Yes, he’s no other than 2AM’s Seulong! 

” Girls Generation’s Seohyun asks a favor from her followers! “

SNSD's Seohyun asks a favor from her followers!

SNSD’s Seohyun asked her followers to rate her page, 10 as the highest score.

Her fans posted different ratings. Here are some of the weird answers:
6910 10/100 1000/10 hehe~~ ❤❤&#55357;&#56399;&#55357;&#56399; 1000000000 Its to 1/10 but I like 1000 and 1000 billion 10000000 ❤❤❤❤ I love seohyun ^^

What is your rating? Visit her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, Seohyun lent her voice for a ‘Despicable Me 2‘ character, Edith.


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