” Girls’ Generation takes you behind the scenes for their Samantha Thavasa jeans endorsement “

Through their latest release, “Galaxy Supernova”, Girls’ Generation is endorsing Samantha Thavasa jeans and the behind-the-scenes footage of their collaboration has been revealed.

During the interview, Tiffany explains how they worked with brand Samantha Thavasa and went for a galaxy theme in their latest Japanese single.

Sooyoung said they wore jeans to show off their beautiful legs as they previously did with ‘Gee.’ The jeans worked well with their new choreography as the dance focused a lot on their hips and legs.

In the behind the scenes footage, the girls are indeed making everyone jealous of their long, pretty legs as they pose and dance in both colorful and traditional jeans. In addition, watching the video above will surely make everyone nostalgic for Girls’ Generation’s ‘Gee’ days when they first donned colorful skinny jeans.

Check out the video above!

Cr : All KPOP

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