” IU celebrates her 5th anniversary with a special message to fans “

IU recently celebrated her 5th anniversary, just in time for Chuseok

IU posted a special message on her official fan cafe, ‘From.IU’, sharing, “It’s my 5th anniversary since my debut. Time really flies. One year has already passed. Thank you for sticking with me without change this year as well. Ah I feel strengthened. I completed filming my music video yesterday. My comeback preparations are completed.”

“I enjoyed a sleep that is sweet as honey for the first time in a really long time. So much so that I couldn’t separate myself from my bed. As I snack on the Japanese sweets that I received as a Chuseok gift from my agency yesterday, I will open up the letters that you sent me and plan to spend the whole day today reading them. Ah I have to eat songpyeon as well. This whole day is sweet like honey.”

“IU has now come to 5 years! I came here little-by-little. I wonder what I’ll be writing on From.IU on September 18th of next year. It will be 6 years at the blink of an eye. Starting today, I should fill it up more and have a fun life.”

“Thanks to my debut anniversary, it feels like I have two birthdays a year. Whenever i start to lose sight of the resolutions that I made on my birthday, my debut anniversary arrives and I am able to come back to my senses. Thanks to everyone. Have a good lunch, everyone. I will continue to update you throughout.”

Happy anniversary to IU, and make sure to look out for more details about her impending comeback in October!


Cr : All KPOP

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