Girls’ Generation’s Sunny cheers fans up with her bright smile and hanbok this Chuseok

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny  glowed with happiness this Chuseok!

Sunny shared on her Instagram, “A foreign daughter-in-law came to give her Chuseok greetings~ Mother-in-law, father-in-law! Have a plentiful Chuseok♥ #Chuseok #IHopeYouHaveAPeacefulChuseokInWhichYouGatherTogetherAndShareStoriesUnderTheFullMoonWithYourHanbokFamilyOrLovedOnes^^*.” 

Any family would be lucky to have Sunny as their daughter-in-law who looked radiant in her hanbok. Sunny’s cheerful charms were also contagious as fans couldn’t help but smile with her.

SONEs commented, “Happy Chuseok,” “I love the bright and cheerful Sunny,” and “You’re so beautiful in your hanbok.”

Girls’ Generation have been busy this Chuseok season after successfully wrapping up their first solo concert in Indonesia. They’re currently promoting their Japanese single “ Galaxi Supernova ” and continuing on their tour.


Cr : All KPOP



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