” 4 Minute HyunA Says Beast’s Dongwoon “Drooled While Watching Narsha Perform” “

HyunA Says Beast's Dongwoon "Drooled While Watching Narsha Perform"

On September 16, the Brown Eyed Girls were guests on the tvN‘s “Taxi.” The girls opened up about their beginning as a faceless group nicknamed, “Little Big Mama”for their vocal talent and also talked about their sexy transformation over the years. 

When asked to vote for the sexiest member of their group, the members choseNarsha without hesitation.

At this, Narsha said, “Our fans probably already know about this, but in the past I used to appear on ‘Invincible Youth‘ with 4Minute‘s HyunA. She told me at one point that ‘BEAST‘s youngest member Dongwoon was drooling while watching [me] perform on stage.’ She told me that he was captivated by me when we were promoting ‘Abracadabra‘ at the time. After that, all these other celebrities would mention him to me whenever they saw me.”

She added, “Dongwoon actually contacted me a couple days ago. He told me, ‘[Narsha], you’re on fire again.’ We continue to support and encourage one another as friends.”


Cr : Oh KPOP


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