” Girls Generation Holds Successful Concert Tour ‘Girls & Peace’ In Jakarta “

The concert started with the VCR displays the members of SNSD, MEIS so packed with pink sea fans and looks very beautiful. SNSD’s concert opening night with Hoot, shouts the Sone was immediately echoed, nine members up on stage with Pink-round costumes. Then, still wearing the same costume, SNSD continued appearance with the song Animal, Talk Talk, The Boys and I Got A Boy



Completing five of their opening song, SNSD greet fans and introduce myself Indonesia respectively. They demonstrate the ability of Indonesian them, saying, Good Afternoon, I Love You, and “How

The concert continued with the song Mr. Taxi , Flower Power , Paparazzi , Run Devil Run , Reflection ‘which successfully made all the hysterical audience and greatly enjoyed the performances of all nine members. Replaced with a white dress, SNSD also performed the song Promise and Baby Baby (Ballad Vers.)


After two songs ballads, they again changed his costume with a red dress with a more feminine appearance to, the song I’m A Diamond, Express 999, Genie and The Great Escape (Remix Vers.) And Can not Take My Eyes Off You (Cover Song).


Then followed by four tracks, where SNSD returned costume changes, combined with the red dress pink, appear more cheerful by performing four songs namely My J, Kissing You, Way To Go and the audience was instantly singing along to a song Gee


Session continued with talking, where SNSD ask Sone if they were all happy with the performance last night. Seohyun said Are you happy? We are very pleased with our first concert here , even all the SNSD members felt that they had come to Indonesia by more than ten times, due to a very enthusiastic audience excited. The members also feel they are very close to the fans, because Sone can sing along to them in Korean and moved with Project created by fans.

As a sign of their gratitude, SNSD ballad rendition of the second album Forever, all members of SNSD looks untouched by fanchant voice and support of the fans

SNSD is back on stage with Encore performances, brought last three songs namely ‘Into The New World, Oh!, And Twinkle (9 members Vers.)

SNSD finally had to say their goodbyes to Sone Indonesia and bend as well to say a big thank you to all the spectators in attendance. They promised to return to Indonesia and meet with the fans again, and asked for continued support in the future SNSD.






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