” Girls’ Generation’s Sunny sheds tears as she says goodbye to ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ “

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny showed a lot of excitement while filming as a guest star for tvN‘s ‘Grandpas Over Flowers.’  However, she showed a different side as it became time for her to leave the program.

The episode, which aired on September 13, concluded Sunny’s backpacking trip in Taiwan with the ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ cast members whom she had first viewed as father figures. She looked upset as she gave each man a farewell hug and explained her reluctance to leave in a later interview.

She said, “At some point in time, I started to view them more as my grandpas than my fathers because they were being so playful and showing a lot of affection.

When asked if her grandfather was currently residing in America, Sunny had to briefly gather herself before revealing that he had passed away.  She had been unable to attend his funeral due to her activities as a singer.

Showing tears, she concluded, “That’s why I feel really sorry when I think about my grandpa.  But I was so happy around the grandpas today.

Cr : All KPOP

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