” Girls Generation Will Sing 30 Songs At Concert “

SONE are lucky enough to attend a concert of the idol on Saturday (14/9) tonight at Meis Ancol would be very happy and satisfied.

Why is that? Because mentioned if Girls Generation will sing about 30 songs at their best in front of the Indonesian SONE.

Started after 17.00‘s, Girls’ Generation will sing their hits ranks such as I Got a Boy, Mr. Taxi, Dancing Queen, Paparazzi, and Run Devil Run Into the New World.

Not only treated to performances by the nine beautiful girls of Girls Generation, SONEs will be pampered with a vocal ability, dazzling dance and stage effects are also promised with holographic effect.

Although the concert was about to begin on the afternoon, apparently the concert site Meis Ancol already filled with thousands of SONE since this morning. So Indonesia, Put it Back On!

Daftar lagu yang dinyanyikan Girls Generation foto: @GG_World1


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