” K-pop Minus One, What We Hear When We Break the Music Down “

K-pop Minus One, What We Hear When We Break the Music Down

K-pop is still essentially pop, as the name entails. And one of the best things about the pop genre is the malleability of the music. What do I mean by this?

I mean, pop music is flexible. That’s why pop has subgenres that extends to every other existing music genre out there; pop rock, country pop, pop R&B, and the list goes on. The point I’m getting at is that pop exceeds many musical genres in my opinion because the beat can be switched and moulded into whatever fits your mood, appealing to the public.  Thus, ensuring greater popularity.

For this article, we’re going to go more instrumental. There are many songs that exist out there that if they were unplugged or defragmented, they would make up a whole new song that would reinvent your experience with it. 

I think these set of songs would be good for a rainy day or as background music for when you’re painting or writing? Just when you want to get creative and need a little musical guidance.

Here are just some favorites of mine that you can most certainly share with or add to.

It’s You by Super Junior

Because of You by After School

Somebody to Love by Big Bang

Shadow by F(x)

Peter Pan by EXO

Black Pearl by EXO

Ticket by Nine Muses

Troublemaker by Hyuna And Hyunseung


Cr : Oh KPOP


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