” EXO shares how it feels to wrap up their successful run for ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’ “

EXO have been breaking records left-and-right and shared how it feels to wrap up their successful run for “Wolf” and “Growl” with their farewell stage this weekend.

EXO shared, “Now that our farewell stage has arrived, it feels refreshing and regretful at the same time… Compared to last time, a lot of people recognize us. As much as they recognize us, we are thankful that we are receiving a lot of love. We will prepare and work hard to show a better image.”

“We have a lot of regret… During our long hiatus following our debut album ‘MAMA‘, we prepared many things. As we started to promote another album, we were determined to show many things but as we reflect on ourselves, we wonder if we accomplished that goal. As much as we have regret, we will work harder and we will prepare for our next image.”

“Although this our last stage, there are a lot of programs that we featured on but haven’t aired yet so you will still be able to catch us on TV for a while. Through the many programs that we feature on, we will fill the empty spot.”

EXO made a farewell with a bang by winning #1 on the September 7th broadcast of ‘Music Core‘! As EXO mentioned, make sure to catch them on variety shows while you wait for the next time they hit the stage! 


Cr : All KPOP

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