” PD ‘Hope for Dating’ Giving Value 75 of 100 for BoA Acting Ability “


Singer BoA will make her Korean drama debut as the lead role in the upcoming KBS drama Hope for Dating. So how‘s ability Hallyu singers in terms of acting? Producer drama, Lee Ji Eun, gave him rank 75 out of 100.

On September , the drama first press conference held at the Ambassador Hotel in Seoul. During a press conference Lee Eun Ji PD answering questions about BoA‘s acting ability.

He said, In my opinion, I think BoA deserves a score of 75. 75 points does not mean he’s bad. He could have done better, but it was expected since this is the first time for him. However, I would like to thank you for the enthusiasm which focused on doing his job.

For that BoA replied, I think I have received high points. I’m pleased.

The main opponent BoA, Choi Daniel, Lee Eun Ji gave 90 points out of 100. Choi Daniel showed what I wanted to see.

Hope for Dating will air its first episode on September 11.


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