” Netizens ask if Park Bom got a chin procedure “

Park Bom‘s chin has netizens wondering if she got a procedure done on her chin.

Park Bom is frequently embroiled in plastic surgery discussions, and her latest photo has both fans and non-fans wondering if she had something done. Her photos from a recent interview show her chin structure as different than it used to be, looking even a little crooked. Not only so, but her lips also seem uneven.

When netizens saw the photos, they commented, “First, I jokingly cursed at her to tell her to stop doing surgery, but now I’m sincerely worried… Is she okay?“, “Your face is becoming twisted ㅡㅡ Don’t overdo it;;;; If your face starts getting off balance, there’s no solution;;;“, “Seriously stop messing with your face“, “Your chin and nose look twisted.. You were the prettiest before you got these surgeries… Now, even if you regret it, you can’t do anything“, “I really like 2NE1, and I like Park Bom the best, but I really hope she’ll stop. She can’t turn back what she already did, but please, please, I really hope she stops. It’s so sad…“, and “Someone that’s close to her please stop her ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ“.

Cr : All KPOP

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