” Sunmi takes on her first fashion spread as a solo artist “


Sunmi is getting used to performing on her own and has now starred in her first pictorial as a solo artist for ‘High Cut‘!

Although it’s been almost 4 years since participating in a magazine pictorial, Sunmi effortlessly struck poses as if she had never left the K-pop scene. She showed that she is still the cute Sunmi fans have always known her to be, but just more mature with sexy charms. 

During an interview for the magazine, Sunmi shared a behind-the-scenes story, revealing, “As I perform on stage barefoot, my feet gets chafed from the floor a lot so I have to put tape on. Even if I only perform on stage once, the bottom of my feet get dark with dirt so I clean it all off with a wipe. While I was filming for my music video, I shot my album jacket at the same time and I lifted my feet once and it was totally dark so everyone laughed at me.”

When asked about the most memorable time from her past with the Wonder Girls, she shared, “When we were promoting in Korea, we rested in our own homes so we didn’t have much time to talk to each other. But when we were in the U.S., as we rode for long periods of time on a bus together, we argued and pushed each other’s buttons and that actually made us grow closer. Even though we would get on each other’s nerves, I remember us comforting each other by holding each other’s hands and praying prior to going on stage. There is a fondness that developed from going through a difficult time in our lives together.”


Check out more of Sunmi’s maturing beauty through the additional cut revealed below!


Cr : All KPOP


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