” Girls Generation Seohyun radiates while reading her script for ‘Passionate Love’ “

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun brought her well-known diligence and determination to SBS weekend drama ‘Passionate Love‘!

The drama unveiled BTS cuts on the 6th of Seohyun practicing her script on a bench. Despite her just concentrating on her script, she looked like she was partaking in a pictorial for a magazine with her flawless beauty.

In regards to taking on acting through this drama, Seohyun commented, “As much as ‘Passionate Love’ is my first production, it has a special meaning for me. I am really happy that ‘Passionate Love’ can fill one aspect of my life… With [my character] Yoo Rim stuck in my head all day long, I fell into ‘Passionate Love’. It is an honor for me to work with a respectable director, writer, outstanding sunbaenims, and the best staff. Since this my first time, I am lacking in many areas but I will do my best to fill them through effort.”

Catch Seohyun’s acting skills when ‘Passionate Love’ premieres following ‘Wonderful Mama‘ on September 28!


Cr : All KPOP




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