” Ladies of SISTAR are sexy in jeans and red heels for ‘High Cut’ “


SISTAR made casual the new sexy in the latest edition of ‘High Cut‘!

SISTAR strut their stuff in figure hugging jeans and gave a pop of color with their red heels. The ladies also made sure to bring attention to their toned legs with their sexy poses.

In an interview with the magazine, Dasom responded to ‘Gag Concert‘s Park Ji Sun and Oh Na Mi‘s parody duo ‘SISTAR29‘ and commented, “They say, ‘It’s because our age ends in 9’, and I can relate to that. I really had that experience. When I was 9 years old, I got hurt a lot. Since it was my last year as a teenager when I was 19, I spent it eventfully. That is why I am afraid of turning 29.”

When asked if SISTAR will reunite 20 years from and become ‘SISTAR39‘, Hyorin shared, “20 years later? We don’t know what will happen in our lives. But if the fans wait for us, we might do it as a special event.”

Soyu opened up about what went on inside her head after throwing an impressive first pitch for the ‘Doosan Bears‘ last month and shared, “Because it was my first time pitching, I didn’t realize that I threw a strike. I stepped down from the mound and my manager oppas were suddenly happy and came running towards me.”

Bora also shared how it felt to be chosen as the new sexy queen by Lee Hyori, sharing, “I heard that [Lee Hyori] unni said that through an article. I was thankful and felt really good. I hope I get a lot closer with [Lee Hyori] unni.”




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