IU Choosing Sung Shi Kyung More than 2PM’s Nichkhun?

2PM’s Nichkhun is known as one of the cutest guy in the world of K-pop, but says IU says that she likes a  singer Sung Shi Kyung.

In the latest episode of ‘1 Night 2 Days, Sung Shi Kyung IU called by phone to complete the mission contact celebrities. Producer gives Sung Shi Kyung‘s mission to get a statement from IU who told him that he was handsome.

He eventually succeeded because IU said, “Of course, oppa handsome, and he replied, Okay, JiEun, sleep well. Singer‘s previous two collaborated for the song It’s You. Sung Shi Kyung revealed, In concert with 6,000 spectators, I asked IU, Do you like or Nichkhun oppa? ‘And he replied, I would like oppa. I’m not too interested in the handsome guy.

Viewers commented, Sung Shi Kyung and IU looks close, She’s such a caring brother, I’m jealous, and many more.

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