” 2NE1 Asks For Fans’ Input For Upcoming Remix As YG Ladies Grace GD Concert Stage, But What About Their Next Single? “


2NE1 Asks For Fans' Input For Upcoming Remix As YG Ladies Grace GD Concert Stage, But What About Their Next Single?  2NE1 to release remix with new single? (Photo Credit: Facebook)

2NE1 has been quite busy with their new single promotions, and it looks like the ladies are planning to make a remix on top of their frequent concert and stage appearances.

First uploaded by Adidas Originals, a brief tweet has announced that a remix will presumably be made in collaboration with the company.

도와주세요! 2NE1의 remix 작업에는 여러분의 반짝이는 영감이 필요해요! #UNITEWITH2NE1 을 통해 2NE1의 remix에 당신의 영감을 불어넣어주세요▶ http://t.co/FHW6ljCFbd pic.twitter.com/cL5GWEPWEi

— adidas Originals (@Originals_kr) September 2, 2013

Currently, it is unknown if a remix will be based off of one of their new singles “Do You Love Me” or “Falling in Love.”

Using the hashtag #UNITEWITH2NE1, Twitter has seen an explosion of support for 2NE1, what with their recent variety show, music program, and online poll appearances. With a new single being planned to release every month, fans are in an uproar!

#2NE1 #DOYOULOVEME #unitewith2ne1 ! blackjack’s keep on voting at all voting sites!! http://t.co/I6beNrX3Mz via @youtube — cindy lyn (@21mebidam) August 29, 2013

But as we wait for a remix, the ladies of 2NE1 has also taken the time to grace G-Dragon’s solo concert.

[OFFICIAL] 130904 CL Featured in DVD Release Promo for G-Dragon’s 2013 World Tour DVD [One of A… http://t.co/Xq1x0csTCx #UNITEWITH2NE1

— YGLadies ♥ 2NE1 (@YGLadies) September 4, 2013

It seems in addition to 2NE1 contributing to the concert, CL also took the stage with G-Dragon to perform “The Leaders.”

But as 2NE1 heads into September, there is still no news about their next single off of their upcoming album.

As previously reported, 2NE1 plans to release a new single every month until October, with “Falling in Love” in July and “Do You Love Me” in August.

It is curious and perhaps a bit concerning that with such a busy schedule, no announcement or teasers have been released regarding their planned September single.

Do you think 2NE1′s next single will be delayed?


Cr : All KPOP

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