” EXO sing ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ for fans on ‘A Song For You’ “

On the August 30 installment of KBS2TV’s “Global Request Show: A Song For You,” EXO surprised viewers with not only their musical talent but also their variety skills. EXO has already received immense interest from YouTube users all over the globe who have uploaded their reaction videos to “Wolf.” Their song has left viewers shocked at the talent spilling out of the vocals and choreography of the video. The jokester of the group Chanyeol insisted on shooting a video of reactions to a song by host Jo Kwon, bringing the studio to laughter.

Jo Kwon who agreed to take on the challenge chose 2AM’s famous ballad song “I Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die.” Unlike his usual performances Jo Kwon sang with more emotion and passion, and no matter how hard Chanyeol tried to suppress his reaction he burst out, “Oh My God!”

Additionally, numerous fans requested EXO sing “Baby Don’t Cry” and they obliged by singing the song beautifully. Check out their performance below!

Cr : All KPOP


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