” [Updated] Super Junior Heechul greets his fans with a wave after his discharge from military service “

After what feels like an eternity, Heechul (30) has officially been discharged with the completion of his service!

Since he wanted a quiet discharge, Heechul did not plan any sort of event and thus, did not offer any words or speech. However, to express is gratitude for the 150+ fans and reporters that had gathered anyways, Heechul stepped outside briefly to smile and wave.

The idol enlisted back in September 2011 as a public service officer and was awarded for being an exemplary officer upon his discharge. The future ahead of him also seems bright as he is already said to be receiving love calls left and right.

Welcome back, Heechul!

[Update] – Unfortunately the previous photos were from his enlistment rather than discharge. It seems the media used previous photos to convey the message of waving to his fans in a hurry to get articles up. They were then able to snap the photos you see below as he stepped outside to get into his car. True to Heechul-style, he showed off his award proudly, looking delighted to be back!

Check out the newly released updated photos below!

Cr  : All KPOP


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