” Ladies’ Code’s Kwon Rise Shows Off “Art Makeup” “

Ladies’ Code’s Kwon Rise Shows Off “Art Makeup”

Are you looking for a new makeup trend?

Ladies’ Code turned heads when the group released the first teaser with the dorky school girl concept and pulled a total 180 degree change in image with the second photo teaser.

On August 28, member Kwon Rise is drawing attention for her unique eye makeup. Nicknamed “art makeup” for emphasizing the art aspect rather than practicality, a visible pink line above her eyelids are drawn to emphasize her big eyes.

Kwon Rise is also participating in MBC’s new variety program “Splash” where celebrities show off their diving skills. She’s warming up the public by her diving skills and confidently showing off her bare face. She’s earned the nickname “Splash Swan.”

Meanwhile, Ladies’ Code is busy preparing for its comeback on September 5. The group will drop the music video for title track “Pretty Pretty” the day before on September 4.

kwon rise inside


Cr : Soompi

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