” Haha And Defconn Show Support for Lim Kim’s “Rain” on Twitter “

Haha And Defconn Show Support for Lim Kim’s “Rain” on Twitter

Some big names in the music and entertainment industry recently showed their support for singer Lim Kim and her newest track “Rain.” The track carries a delightful tune and showcases Lim Kim’s trademark breezy and sweet vocals. 

Artists Swings, San E and Verbal Jint were quick to post on Twitter their support for “Rain.” Entertainer Haha also showed fanboy excitement for “Rain” before its release, tweeting, “I’m dying to know!! I wonder what it’s going to sound like?” Defconn tweeted in turn, “Kim Yerim ‘All Right’~~” to show support with a clever play on words (Lim Kim released a track titled “All Right” a couple months ago). Child psychiatrist Seo Cheonseok also tweeted, “No matter how much I listen to it, I can’t help but think that she sings so well. The song is simply addictive.”


Lim Kim’s music video for “Rain” was released on August 26 and successfully carried over the song’s light, airy and whimsical tones. Delightful shots from the video show Lim Kim dancing in the rain and being carried up into the sky by her umbrella, just like Mary Poppins!

Lim Kim actually debuted as part of a K-Pop duo called Two Months a couple years ago, but has since moved on to pursue a solo career in music. You can read about their “Super Star K3” days here.

Fans will not have to wait too long for the release of Lim Kim’s second mini-album “Her Voice.” It is scheduled to be released sometime this September!


Cr : Soompi


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