” The “Nation’s First Love” Miss A Suzy Does Not Need Photoshop in “Elle Korea” “

The “Nation’s First Love” Suzy Does Not Need Photoshop in “Elle Korea”

Recently, untouched photographs of Miss A member, actress, and CF model Suzy posing for a photo shoot in “Elle Korea” were released.  Suzy will be featured in a photo shoot for the September issue of “Elle Korea” modeling various chic office worker looks and handbags for the Fall/Winter accessories line of fashion brand Bean Pole.    

In these particular photographs, taken behind the scenes, Suzy is seen posing with a handbag, having her hair touched up, and otherwise being unaware that there is another camera focused on her.  Fans were impressed by the fact that they could not see any difference between the untouched photographs and the photographs that will be featured in the fashion magazine.  These pictures prove that the “nation’s first love” does not need Photoshop and is lovely just the way she is.         



Cr : Soompi

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