” Lee Joon And Kim Hee Sun Considering Movie “Botox” “

Lee Joon And Kim Hee Sun Considering Movie “Botox”

Actress Kim Hee Sun and MBLAQ member Lee Joon are currently in consideration to be cast for a new movie called “Botox” with reports stating that both parties are considering the offer favorably.

Reports coming out are claiming that the production company for the new movie “Botox” have currently reached out to Kim Hee Sun and Lee Joon about appearing in the new movie. “Botox” is a web comic produced by illustrator Hwang Mina that has been in circulation on Naver’s web comic zone since 2009. The current plan is to turn that web comic into a movie featuring the previously mentioned actors. The comic revolves around the romance between a 42 year-old named Young Sook who is dreaming of becoming a writer and a childish 21 year-old named Gunni. The movie will also be directed by the original writer and illustrator Hwang Mina. It will be her first ever movie directing role.

Regarding the reports, Kim Hee Sun’s representative has stated that “Botox is one of the many diverse projects that we have received offers for, and we have not yet made a decision yet.” Lee Joon’s representatives have also refused to confirm being cast in the new movie stating that “It is true that we are considering the offer favorably, but we have not yet decided to confirm the casting.”

Cr : Soompi


2 comments on “” Lee Joon And Kim Hee Sun Considering Movie “Botox” “

  1. I just don’t care what movie is that? I just want to watch Kim Hee Sun who is the first Korean Icon Beauty in Asia and she is sexy too. Love her co-stars with another young actors, hopefully is Im Shi Wan whom she liked. Daebak, daebak!

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