” Park Shin Hye and Haruma Miura are a laid-back couple for ‘CeCi’ “


Park Shin Hye and Japanese singer-turned-actor Haruma Miura met for the first time for the September issue of ‘CeCi‘!

Although it was their first meeting, the two stars, who are the same age, got close by playing jokes and praising each other. Park Shin Hye complimented Haruma Miura and shared, “The more I conversed with him, the more I could feel his passion and strength through his eyes. It thought to myself, ‘Haruma Miura will fill his white canvas with a lot of pictures,’ and I look forward to his work as an actor.”

Park Shin Hye also put a laid-back spin on wedding dresses with her off-white dresses in sheer fabric to give a chic aura. Meanwhile, the actress has also already begun filming her upcoming SBS drama ‘Heirs‘.

Cr : All KPOP


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