” Kim Gu Ra says IU should have offered a better explanation for her photo incident with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk “

Kim Gu Ra didn’t beat around the bush as he pointed out his thoughts on IU‘s explanation about her photo with Eunhyuk.

On August 22nd episode of JTBC‘s ‘Ssul Jeon‘, which is a program that discusses various issues in the spotlight with a critical eye, the MCs referred back to the IU-Eunhyuk photo incident that was brought up again with IU’s appearance on a recent broadcast of SBS’ ‘Incarnation’.

Regarding this, Kim Gu Ra, who is also the MC for ‘Incarnation’, commented on ‘Ssul Jeon’, “When IU came on ‘Incarnation,’ she was asked why she uploaded the picture, and she answered it was by accident.

“Having delayed her appearance on talk shows for so long, when she finally came out then, she shouldn’t have just explained it as ‘it was an accident.'”

Kim Gu Ra continued,”What the viewers wanted to hear wasn’t why she uploaded the picture, but what kind of relationship she has with the other idol. I was there and I asked about their relationship, but she didn’t want to talk about it. Of course, there was probably some kind of understanding reached between the production staff of the show and IU’s reps beforehand.”

“After the show was broadcast, the viewers’ reactions weren’t very favorable,” he added.

What are your thoughts?

Cr : All KPOP


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