” Suzy reveals when she feels the sexiest and her sexy ideal type for ‘Cosmopolitan’ “

miss A‘s Suzy shared the advantages of being all grown up now for ‘Cosmopolitan‘ magazine.

Suzy revealed which role she would like to try next and shared, “I want to try a sharp and sexy, femme fatale role.” On the topic of sexy charms, when asked when she feels the sexiest, she shyly confessed, “The moment right after I get out of the shower?”

She also touched on the advantages of being in her 20s, sharing, “As I enter my 20s, I have confidence that I can portray both a girl-like and mature image so it is really fun and exciting… I like how I can watch 19+ movies like it’s no big deal.”

If she could spend a day away from the public eye, Suzy walked fans through her imaginary day, stating, “I want to go wherever my feet lead me without having to wear a hat or mask and I want to freely go clubbing.”

Suzy also described her ideal type, revealing, “I think guys who give off a sexy vibe are attractive.” She revealed that a sexy man to her is someone who is honest, easygoing, and isn’t afraid to be himself. Once she finds her ideal guy, she would like to cook ramen for him.

Suzy also displayed her maturing beauty in her pictorial below!


Cr : All KPOP

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