” Song Joong Ki enjoys a night out with Son Dam Bi and Son Hyun Joo during the final days before his enlistment “

Song Joong Ki (28) gave his farewell greeting to fans and he was recently spotted saying to goodbye to his friends including Son Dam Bi (30) and actor Son Hyun Joo (49).

Sports Seoul‘ captured the outing and described the close relationship between the three. Apparently, the trio met up at a restaurant in Cheongdamdong, Gangnam on the 20th and enjoyed dinner and drinks together. Song Joong Ki was the first one to arrive at the scene and shared laughs after greeting Son Hyun Joo and Son Dam Bi, who arrived shortly after. It is well known that Song Joong Ki, Son Dam Bi and Son Hyun Joo are good friends as the latter is known to take good care of his hoobaes.

As mentioned before, the day fans are dreading, aka Song Joong Ki’s enlistment, will happen on August 27.




Source + image(s): Sports Seoul
Cr : All KPOP

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