” Super Junior’s Kangin reveals how he lost 33 lbs in a month and the side effects from his diet “

Super Junior‘s Kangin revealed he lost 15 kg (~33 lbs.) in 27 days!

During the press conference for ‘Star Diving Show Splash‘, Kangin shared, “I went on a diet for 27 days and lost 15 kg (~33 lbs.).”

He explained how he ended up losing so much weight so fast. “I ate small portions. I didn’t put any carbohydrates near my mouth and didn’t intake much water. When I was hungry, I ate one strawberry. I did a lot of aerobic exercise on an empty stomach before I went to sleep. As I practiced diving, I think I lost even more weight.”

Kangin also revealed the reason for his intense diet, “I wanted to get my weight down. I have to perform at the Gayo Daejun festivals at the end of the year, and I wanted to come out looking good. But since I went on a harsh diet, I developed a stomach disorder. I aged faster, and I get more distracted. I think my blood pressure went up, and I became very sensitive too. I also suffered from dry eye syndrome. Since there are a lot of adverse effects, I wouldn’t want to recommend my diet to anyone.”

He definitely went through a lot. Do you think the results were worth it?

Cr : All KPOP


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