” Lee Hyori’s sister Lee Aeri predicted Lee Sang Soon and Lee Hyori would meet again? “

Lee Hyori‘s sister Lee Aeri was a guest on the latest OnStyle‘s ‘Lee Hyori’s XUnni‘ where she looked at SPICA‘s tarot fortune.

Lee Hyori comforted the girls who looked nervous and said, “My sister is a knitting instructor. She just does tarot reading as a hobby, so don’t be too worried.” Lee Aeri then said, “A long time ago when Hyori wasn’t dating I did a tarot reading for her. There was a fortune that said she would meet someone she met in the past again.

This was especially interesting because Lee Hyori first met fiance Lee Sang Soon through a blind date. Afterwards, they met again through a pet gathering where they rekindled their love. Lee Aeri also gifted the girls with bracelets she knit herself. 

The SPICA members were in the midst of deciding between two songs for their title track, and after picking the cards, their fortune said that they should go for the one that doesn’t pop.

Cr : All KPOP

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