” Crayon Pop’s agency rails against fake social media accounts “

Chrome Entertainment, home to Crayon Pop, has filed a police complaint against fake social media profiles claiming to be the CEO himself. 

Previously, a tweet had been written from what appeared to be the account of the CEO, Hwang Hyun Chang, which read, “To ignore the pig-like squeals of the general public”. With Crayon Pop currently being swept in IlBe-related controversy, the tweet sparked a firestorm of debate.

However, it was revealed that Hwang Hyun Chang had already closed the Twitter account in question, and the offending tweet had been penned by someone who created a new account with the now-available Twitter handle and had masqueraded as the CEO.

“This is not an account we are currently using,” Chrome Entertainment stated. “Netizens are confusing the re-activated account with words from director Hwang himself.”

“Since this may cause confusion with the general public, we hope they will not be misled,” they said.

Cr : All KPOP

Chrome Entertainment is currently in discussion with the Seoul police’s Cyber Terror Response Center to formulate possible strategies and are planning to respond strongly to the incident.


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