” 2NE1’s Reggae to Big Bang Seungri’s House Music “

2NE1, Seungri, Falling in Love, Gotta Talk to U

2NE1’s Reggae to Big Bang Seungri’s House Music  2NE1’s Reggae to Seungri’s House Music

From YG Entertainment 2NE1′s reggae to Seungri’s house music, the agency is releasing new genres of song and bringing a freshness to the music industry.


With his comeback on August 19 Seungri released his new song “Gotta Talk to U,” which is an upbeat house genre song. As the title song of his second solo mini album Let’s Talk About Love, the song quickly rose to the number 1 spot on 7 different music sites.


The song is even hot overseas, and is currently the number 1 spot on the ITunes music chart in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. On August 20 it stood at number 17 on ITunes’ worldwide chart.


The reason why this album is so popular is that it features “house” genre music in a mostly hip hop mainstream music market. Especially because YG is known for its hip hop, Seungri’s new genre of music is a bold and surprising move.


Not only that, YG surprised everyone with 2NE1′s hip hop reggae combination in their new song “Falling in Love,” released in July. It was the first time 2NE1 tried out the reggae genre.


Even America’s MTV wrote an online review on the music video for “Falling in Love,” saying, “2NE1 thankfully came back with a completely new style of music – K-pop combined with reggae.” Spin.com also wrote, “This new genre of music is pretty great.” They added, “Their music video is so popular it already has 3.5 million views in just 8 days since its release,” and “As a group that has been praised by Diplo, 2NE1 can flawlessly pull off Korean and English with no trouble.” Diplo is the all famous American music PD and DJ.


Currently 2NE1 is busy with their new song “Do You Love Me.” Seungri is planning to have his comeback stage performance on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on August 22. You can look forward to these two groups as they break down the barriers of the traditional genres of music.

Cr : Oh KPOP

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