” SHINee’s Minho completes his first filming of ‘Medical Top Team’ “

SHINee‘s Minho looked even better in his white coat than Shawols could ever imagine for his new MBC drama ‘Medical Top Team‘!

The still cuts give a sneak peek of Minho as doctor Kim Sung Woo in the upcoming first episode. 

After completing his first filming, the idol shared, “I completed the filming with excitement. Because it was my first filming, I regret that I couldn’t perform as well as I prepared for it because of my nervousness. I will continue to work harder as an actor. I’ll do my best to make a good production with my sunbaenims, director, and staff.”

‘Medical Top Team’ is about a group of very skilled doctors who come together to create a medical dream team. However, the doctors start getting into conflict with one another when love enters the hospital mix. Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Ryeo Won will be playing the male and female leads.

‘Medical Top Team’ will premiere following ‘Two Weeks‘ On October 2! 

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