” MBLAQ get love calls from all over the world for a global tour “

MBLAQ is wanted all over the world for their global tour!


MBLAQ fans all over the world have made Facebook groups and YouTube videos to get the beastly idols to come to their hometown. Fans from South America, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, and other countries have asked MBLAQ to stop by during their tour.


J.Tune Camp said, “Our first global tour in Mexico happened because of the passionate fans there. Through the feedback from Mexico, we have concert love calls and requests from all over the country, including other South American companies. Currently, we’ve started our global tour, but we’re looking into MBLAQ’s schedule this year and details to give back to the fans. We’re thankful for the support, and we’ll give back with a great global tour.


MBLAQ held their first global concert tour in Mexico on the 9th. Where do you hope they’ll be headed next?


Cr : All KPOP

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