” Ailee to meet with a famous producing team for her possible debut in the U.S. “

Ailee is coming back home, for a few days at least, as it has been revealed that she is taking steps to make a possible debut in the States!


According to several music insiders, Ailee’s scheduled stages for music shows this weekend were suddenly canceled upon securing meetings in the States with a famous producing team. The producing team is said to have received numerous Grammy Awards and worked with big names such as Justin Bieber, Usher, Ne-Yo, and more.


One rep stated, “The producing team, who had interest in K-pop, was looking for a Korean artist to work with, and by chance, came upon a video of Ailee, who is receiving love from her fans who call her ‘Korea’s Beyonce’. Determining that in addition to outstanding talent, she possess charms that can translate in both the East and West, a meeting was requested.”


In regards to these insiders’ comments, her agency YMC Entertainment cautiously stated, “It is true that Ailee has concluded her domestic activities. We canceled all of her music show stages and schedules for this week at last minute due to her meeting with a producing team overseas… If this project goes well and everything proceeds as planned, Ailee’s advancement into the States will gain speed. We are cautious to say anything with certainty as it is still in the beginning stages.”

Would you like to see Ailee make her debut in the States?



Cr : All KPOP


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