” JYJ’s Yoochun caught smoking by media causes controversy due to asthma related issues “

Photos of JYJ‘s Yoochun smoking, caught by media outlet Dispatch, has sparked public criticism.

Dispatch caught Yoochun driving his Rolls Royce Ghost, hanging out with his friends, drinking and smoking, enjoying his time out in the evening like normal men his age. While normally being photographed smoking wouldn’t have been a big issue, many pointed out that Yoochun wasn’t fit for duty as an active duty soldier due to his asthma related issues and was instead placed as a public worker.

Many criticized the singer’s choice to smoke, as smoking for an asthma patient could bring about severe results. While some fans are defending him to say, “What’s wrong with smoking?“, others are pointing out, “He can’t serve active duty because of asthma but he can smoke?“, “What happened to fans who used to say he quit smoking?“, and “Since you’re smoking, I guess your asthma is all better and you can serve active duty now.


Cr : All KPOP 


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