” Teen Top announces a ‘No Joke’ comeback on the 26th “

The boys of TEEN TOP are gearing up for an explosive comeback, and it promises to be “No Joke”!

In a video posted to their channel earlier today, the boys announced their return to the K-Pop stage on August 26th in their usual bubbly manner. “On Monday August 26th at 12 o’clock, we’ll be revealing the music video and the album,” Changjo teased.

Their agency, TOP Media, also released an official logo that they teased would have special significance to their comeback.

“TEEN TOP is coming back with a new mini-album,” they posted. “The spectacular action film-like font is a hint for their performance.”

Judging by the sleek lettering, it seems their performance for “No Joke” will be some of their most polished yet.

We’re starting our countdown until the 26th — we can’t wait to see TEEN TOP in action again!

Cr : All KPOP


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