” T.O.P reminisces about his injury during Big Bang’s World Tour “

On August 17 broadcast of jTBC‘s special documentary, ‘Big Bang, Singing Towards the World,’ T.O.P revealed how he took to the stage on the world tour despite his injury.

The documentary showed everyone being worried because of T.O.P’s injury occurring at an unfortunate time.

T.O.P shared, “Because I was filming a movie and at the same time on this world tour, there were many sleepless nights, so I wasn’t in the right condition. Due to carelessness, pieces of broken glass exploded and a piece of skin from my hand came off. I still have the scar, but it’s a scar with a memory for me.”

Seungri commented, “I felt bad about him looking so exhausted. There was nothing I can do for him as a younger brother.” Daesung also added, “He wrapped a bandage around it and performed reliably on stage. I was moved after seeing him like that.”

T.O.P had injured his hand while filming the movie, ‘Alumnus.’

Cr : All KPOP


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