” Korean Cultural Service New York presents the ‘2013 NY K-POP Festival’ “

Korean Culture Service New York has selected its finalists for the third annual ‘2013 NY K-POP Festival‘ and now it’s time to see them perform! 

The ‘2013 NY K-POP Festival’ will take place at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts on Tuesday, August 20th at 4 PM EST. The 1st prize winner will be granted qualification to participate at the ‘K-POP World Festival’ held in Korea this October. You will also be able to enjoy various Korean cultural events including food tasting and Hanbok(traditional Korean clothing) wearing experience events. ‘Superstar K’ contestant Christina Lee will also showcase her powerhouse vocals for a special performance.

This is a great opportunity for New Yorkers and local fans to gather and celebrate their love for K-POP! Mark your calendars and check out the schedule below! 

<2013 NY K-POP Festival> Event Program

1.  4:00 pm – 5:30 pm: Korean Culture Booth Events

a.  Before the main event, several booths will be set up in the lobby of NYU Skirball Center to have audiences participate in pre-events, such as: trying on Hanbokbibimbap tastings, and other K-POP related booth events.

2.  6:00 pm: K-POP Contest – Final Showdown

a.  The main event of the festival will have 9 selected winners perform on stage. The online preliminaries this year had over 70 talented teams compete. The winner of the Final Showdown will be awarded a grand prize as well as qualification to participate in the ‘World K-POP Festival’ held in Korea, October 2013. 

Cr : All KPOP 



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