” FIESTAR gives overseas fans a lesson on the word ‘jjal’ “

FIESTAR’s Jei, Cheska, and Cao Lu are back to teach you another Korean slang in the fourth lesson of their new series, ‘FIESTAR’s A-HA!’.

The girls taught you about the Korean word ‘daebak’, ‘deuktem’, and ‘tteokbap’ last time, and they’re following up with a lesson on the word ‘jjal’.

As the girls explain it in three different languages, ‘jjal’ originates from ‘jjal lim bang ji’ which means ‘prevention against deletion’. This came about as posts that only contained words and didn’t have a photo, picture, or video would get deleted on various online communities. So in order to prevent their threads from being deleted, users would include in any photo or video along with their words, even if the photo or video didn’t have anything to do with their post. The slang eventually evolved into a general term the younger generation would use to refer to a photo or video that’s posted along with words.

The girls even show a bit of their cutie player, or attempted to anyways, so check out the video above, and stay tuned for more lessons!

Cr : All KPOP


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