” Wassup to make their major broadcast debut on ‘Music Bank’ with modified stage outfits “

Wassup will make their major broadcast channel debut through ‘Music Bank‘ today!

If you remember, Wassup’s stage outfits were previously deemed unsuitable for the 3 major stations, leading them to make their debut through cable show MBC Music‘s ‘Show Champion‘ first.

However, the girls will now get to appear on the major music programs with modified stage outfits. Regarding the need for having to modify their outfits, the girls’ agency revealed that it is not too big of a deal as there is more to the girls than just their outfits.

Mafia Record stated, “The team color that Wassup is pursuing is not limited to just their sexy charms, and there is more to them than just their outfits. They will continue to show street hip hop in its true form with casual and sporty stage outfits, and spread a new hip hop scene.”

Get ready to see the girls of Wassup on ‘Music Bank’ later today!

Cr : All KPOP 


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