” Big Star takes you behind the scenes of “Run & Run” “

After completing its stage comebacks, Big Star unveiled the behind the scenes video of its preparations and rehearsals for “Run & Run” comeback.

“Run & Run” is a hip hop title track of mini album ‘Hang Out’ directed and produced by Brave Entertainment’s founder Brave Brothers and and Elephant Kingdom. For this comeback, Brave Entertainment teamed up with NH Media, home to U-Kiss, to promote Big Star’s new album.

Check out the video below:

Yeo Jin Goo Receives Surprise Birthday Event from “Potato Star 2013QR3” Cast and Crew
Talented actor Yeo Jin Goo received a surprise birthday party on the set for the upcoming sitcom, “Potato Star 2013QR3.” According to tvN on August 15, Yeo Jin Goo celebrated his 17th birthday on August 13 at the “Potato Star 2013QR3″ set. The cast members were participating in the poster photo shoot when co-star Choi Song Hyun secretly appeared with a birthday cake for Yeo Jin Goo. Choi Song Hyun, Kim Jung Min along with child actors Kim Dan Yool, Jung Joon Won and the staff members carried out the birthday celebration event as soon as the poster photo shoot was over…

Does Crayon Pop Have What It Takes To Follow In Psy’s Footsteps?
Crayon Pop, Psy Is Crayon Pop the world’s next big thing? With the release of their single “Bar Bar Bar” and the accompanying quirky music video of the members bopping up and down in helmets, Crayon Pop has hit the viral mainstream in the US. Earlier in the week it was announced that the group’s agency, Chrome Entertainment, had signed a partnership with Sony Music Korea to help the girl group in their international promotions. Fast-forward a couple days and Billboard hinted at the possibility of the group following in Psy’s footsteps…

[Spoiler] “Master’s Sun” takes on the lead
SBS drama “Master’s Sun” remained in first place. According to Nielsen Korea on the 15th, the third episode of “Master’s Sun” increased in percentage by 0.8% to 15.2% compared to the previous episode. The first episode started off with 13.6% and has been showing a steady increase since then. Will it be able to rate past 20% like the drama “I Hear Your Voice”? Joong-won (So Ji-sub) started believing that Kong-sil (Kong Hyo-jin) saw ghosts and helped to relieve a ghost with pink shoes…

Cr : Oh KPOP


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