” Thailand “

” Interesting Place In Thailand ” 

Cha Am 

Cha Am (Thai language: ชะอำ) is a district (Amphoe) in the southern part of Phetchaburi province, central Thailand.

The district was established in 1897 with the name of Na Yang. In 1914 this district was moved to Ban Nong Chok (now in Tha Yang district) and changed its name to Nong Chok district. After World War II, the government moved the office to Tambon Cha Am and Juha changed his name to Cha Am.

In August 2006 a plan to create a 77th province announced. If approved Cha Am will be part of the new province.

Cha Am is one of the famous tourist city in Thailand.

Cha Am be the only American university in Thailand. Webster University has more than 300 students from around the world. Cha Am is also famous for its beach front which is home to many tourist resort of international level.

Cha-am is located about 161 km south of Bangkok, less than two hours of travel time by car. Cha-am beach resort which is renowned as the longest white sand beach in Thailand. This place can also be used to play golf by tourists. Perfect place for a vacation with family.

By Agnes Chang

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